Overview: December 2020

Overview provides my readers with a brief overview of the articles or reviews that I have written. In December 2020, among other things, I reviewed Netflix’s The Midnight Sky and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. In general, I tried very hard to review as much as I could before the end of the year, but I actually still have some reviews that I need to finish.

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New Category for 2018 – IJR Awards

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the ways that I could improve the annual I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards, and today I am announcing one new category that will hopefully make the annual awards lists complete. On top of that, I am also retiring (or discontinuing) a related television award that has been a part of the IJR Awards the last two years.  Continue reading “New Category for 2018 – IJR Awards”

Did The Academy Just Ruin the Oscars Ceremony? – Special Features #27

I imagine that AMPAS President John Bailey is currently doing his best Gob Bluth impression in his living room and saying “I’ve made a huge mistake.” Cut to black, roll credits, and play Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence, because the fact of the matter is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just made a lot of people mad. Continue reading “Did The Academy Just Ruin the Oscars Ceremony? – Special Features #27”

Slow News Day – Dagobah Day #28


So, yeah, I had hoped to write about a teaser trailer for The Last Jedi today, but no such trailer was released during Super Bowl sunday. Therefore I actually don’t have a lot to talk about today. There isn’t really a pressing news story that needs to be addressed. So, instead, I’ll give you an update on Dagobah Day and the Star Wars coverage on the blog. Continue reading “Slow News Day – Dagobah Day #28”

Best of the Year-Lists and IJR Awards 2016

Awards Talk

The end is near! – We’re getting closer and closer to the end of 2016, and I almost don’t believe we’re already in Thanksgiving week. That also means that you might be looking for my best of the year lists for films and television shows.

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Resolving the Undecided, and the New Categories – IJR Awards

Awards Talk

We are less than six months away from the 4th annual I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards! Around this time last year, I announced the frontrunners for a couple of categories. That’s not how I’m doing it this time around, however. Today, I’ll change an undecided announcement from 2013. Plus, I’ll reveal the new categories for 2016!
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June Update: Regarding ‘Casting,’ ‘Testing Television,’ and ‘Box Office Predictions’


  • Casting – No longer posts on the fourth Monday of the month. The future of Casting is uncertain right now, seeing as there was no response to the new series of posts.
  • Testing Television – On the other hand, I’ve been pleased with the response to Testing Television. It will now post on the fourth Monday of the month.
  • Box Office Predictions: Finally, I’m changing the format for B.O.P. a little bit. For a while now, it’s only been predictions (and that will still be the most important part of the series of posts). But starting this July, Box Office Predictions will also look back on the box office numbers of the previous month. Also, I will be following specific films, and check on them to see how well they’ve done.

If you have any questions, ideas for Testing Television, or suggestions for Casting, then please leave a comment below.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex