About Jeffrey Rex


My name is Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen, and I started this blog back in 2013 (May). As a somewhat nerdy Dane, who no longer lives in the capital, I’ve tried my hardest to find like-minded individuals. But since moving to west-Zealand in 2007, I’ve been unable to do so. Instead, I was the loner kid – the introverted boy – and eventually I just had to have an outlet for my passion.

That’s when I started to write on Blogger. I covered television, sports, film, and I had these opinion pieces on anything I could come up with. When I was to return to the Danish capital in 2013 (University of Copenhagen), I decided to upgrade my ‘outlet’ – and as a result I moved over to WordPress – I’ve been here ever since, but this blog has evolved.

Initially sports was a huge focus on this blog, but over time it’s been outrivaled by politics. At the current stage, however, both politics and sports have lost importance – and I’ve given in to my most important passion. Film is that passion, but with time I decided to have weekly or monthly opinion pieces like Marvelous Monday or Dagobah Day (Perfectly Safe For Droids). And eventually the blog had a rhythm, or system, going.

Now I write these opinion pieces, as well as comic book reviews, TV reviews, and occasionally I return to sports or politics. But my main passion is clear – Film. And hopefully you enjoy my writing.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex


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