REVIEW: Så Længe Jeg Lever (2018)

Danish Theatrical Release Poster – Nordisk Film

The following is a review of Så Længe Jeg Lever — Directed by Ole Bornedal.

Ole Bornedal’s Så Længe Jeg Lever is a Danish biographical film about John Mogensen (played by Rasmus Bjerg), a Danish musician whose immensely popular songs turned him into somewhat of a cult figure in his native country. The film is a dramatization of Mogensen’s entire life that takes us from his childhood, through his days as a member of the vocal quartet group ‘Four Jacks,’ onto his breakthrough as a solo artist, and up until the last days of his life where he drank himself to death.


RETRO REVIEW: The Five Obstructions (2003 – Documentary)

Release Poster – Zentropa

The following is a review of The Five Obstructions.

The Five Obstructions is a Danish documentary about a very particular friendship between directors. Danish auteur Lars Von Trier is a big fan of Jørgen Leth — a Danish director — and his 1967 Danish short film The Perfect Human — a very literal examination of a couple. So, Lars Von Trier has this idea — what if we took this gem of a short film and absolutely ruined it? Made a mess of it.  (more…)

REVIEW: The Danish Girl (2015)

Release Poster – Focus Features

The following is a review of The Danish Girl, a Tom Hooper film.

When I first heard about this film going into production I was fairly intrigued. The fact of the matter is that while I don’t know much about the story or the people it is depicting, I am a Dane, and I walk the streets of Copenhagen every week. I was excited to have this biopic feel authentic, but some things did leave me somewhat puzzled and annoyed after the end credits. (more…)

Where have I been?

The last time I wrote to you, The Tour de France 100 was having its most exciting period – so why did I leave you – where have I been? I return to explain it all.

I stopped blogging about Le Tour de France, when doping once again became a topic in the cycling world – not because they caught anyone – but because suspicion became fact for some, when in fact they had no evidence to prove their theories. Chris Froome won this year’s Tour, but during his reign on top, every news outlet and every fan of an opposing team tried to throw dirt on him – allegation after allegation, nothing stuck by him. His victory will go down in history – but the allegations hurt a lifelong cycling fan. That is why I left. Another important note is that Jakob Fuglsang, from Denmark, did everything we dreamed of in Denmark. We are all very proud of him.

But where have I been since then? I could have written a movie-review, but I didn’t. I could have written about sports, but I didn’t. Why? Well, the answer is simple. I’ve done four things in my hiatus: write, rank, theorize and been accepted by a College/University in Denmark. First things first, I’ve started writing a fictional political drama, set in America, about a former congressman being a star-politician’s right hand man. That’s going well, though I’m not finished just yet. I’ve also begun ranking the Presidents in America – by working from Obama and down, I’m now at FDR. The NFL is almost back, and I have theorized since having created mock drafts, and such, I’ve now got my thoughts on this season collected in writing. It will probably demand a blog post.

Finally, and thankfully, I’ve been accepted to the University of Copenhagen. There I will study English at the highest level, with English-speaking Professors and Teachers teaching me about all things English. I’m happy.

My life is about to begin yet again. And I’m back.

I’m Jeffrey Rex.