NFL Mock Draft 2017

Jamal Adams, Safety – LSU

This Mock Draft was released on the morning of April 27th, 2017.

I know, I know. I review movies and television shows on this site, why am I writing a first round NFL Mock Draft? Well, you may not know that once upon a time I used to write about sports on this blog. Sometimes I feel the need to return to writing about sports, and I’ve released at least one first round NFL mock draft for each of the past four or five years. 

In preparation for this year’s NFL draft, I actually made a total of eight mock drafts, but this is the only one I’ve released anywhere. Now, as you may know, I’m a Chicago Bears fan, so I may end up writing a bit more about their pick than the other teams’. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

1st Overall Pick – Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett (DE)

The ‘No, duh’ pick of the draft. Seriously, if the Browns somehow miss out on Garrett by instead picking a quarterback with #1, then that would be not only shocking, it would be pretty idiotic considering they’re also picking at #12. Heck, they could even trade up with #12 and have two top five picks.

2nd Overall Pick – San Francisco 49ers – Jamal Adams (S)

Look, I don’t think the Niners have their quarterback of the future. They don’t. But people aren’t hyped up about this quarterback class, and I’m not sure the Niners want to ‘reach’ to get a quarterback here when they also pick right around the top of the second round. Jamal Adams is my favorite player in the draft, and I would honestly be overjoyed if he ended up becoming a Chicago Bears player, but I’m not sure Chicago will be able to get him.

3rd Overall Pick – Chicago Bears – Solomon Thomas (DE)

Is Solomon Thomas my favorite player in the draft? No, Jamal Adams is. But Solomon Thomas would be a strong pick for the Chicago Bears to make. I think we can ultimately go in a number of different ways, and this draft class’ biggest Star Wars fan (Solomon Thomas) would be a good pick. I don’t think we’ll pick a safety if Jamal Adams isn’t there, but Malik Hooker could be an option. I think Marshon Lattimore could become a great Chicago Bear, but I wouldn’t pick him if I were in Ryan Pace’s shoes.

I think there is also definitely a chance that the Chicago Bears take a quarterback here. Mike Glennon is a win-now type of signing, and I’m not sure he’s going to be here for more than two years at the most. If the Bears pick Deshaun Watson or Mitchell Trubisky (my two top quarterbacks in the draft) here, then they could sit and learn from an NFL-ready veteran. Kizer would also be a good pick for the Bears, but I think he’ll still be there towards the end of the first round or even the beginning of the second. Also, don’t be shocked if the Bears trade back here, but multiple teams want to trade out of the top five, so, who knows?

4th Overall Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard Fournette (RB)

Is Blake Bortles good enough to give the Jaguars a winning season in 2017? I’m not sure, but I don’t think they’ll pick a quarterback here. Leonard Fournette makes a lot of sense here. Go get a great running back to take pressure off your QB.

5th Overall Pick – Tennessee Titans – Mike Williams (WR)

I considered giving them Marshon Lattimore here, but I think that the injury concerns with Lattimore may end up costing him a place on one of the teams in the top five.

6th Overall Pick – New York Jets – Marshon Lattimore (CB)

But here he gets a team from the city with the ‘biggest spotlight’ in America. I did consider giving the Jets a quarterback, but I’m not sure they’re willing to use their top pick to get one.

7th Overall Pick – Los Angeles Chargers – Malik Hooker (S)

Sorry, Rivers. You’re not getting a weapon here.

8th Overall Pick – Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey (RB)

This pick makes a ton of sense. This is really going to help Cam Newton.

9th Overall Pick – Cincinnati Bengals – Jonathan Allen (DE)

I think injury concerns are going to make Allen slide, but I doubt that every ‘top 10 team’ will pass up a top five talent.

10th Overall Pick – Buffalo Bills – Reuben Foster (LB)

I considered giving the Bills another wide receiver here, but, ultimately, my final decision was to take Foster over Haason Reddick here.

11th Overall Pick – New Orleans Saints – Marlon Humphrey (CB)

The Saints definitely need a lot of help on defense, and this is probably the second best cornerback in the draft class. It would be a pretty good pick for the Saints.

12th Overall Pick – Cleveland Browns – Mitchell Trubisky (QB)

The Cleveland Browns get the quarterback they want. Heck, they may even trade up to get him. Is he ready? Maybe not, but he’s one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft, and the Browns need a quarterback.

13th Overall Pick – Arizona Cardinals – Patrick Mahomes (QB)

I don’t think Patrick Mahomes is the second best quarterback in the draft, but apparently the Cardinals love this kid. Let’s get the Cardinals their quarterback of the future.

14th Overall Pick – Philadelphia Eagles – Derek Barnett (DE)

I think it’s really tempting to give Carson Wentz another weapon, but I’m going in a different direction.

15th Overall Pick – Indianapolis Colts – Charles Harris (DE)

The Colts need help on both the offensive and the defensive lines. Let’s give them some help on the latter line.

16th Overall Pick – Baltimore Ravens – Corey Davis (WR)

Davis reportedly really enjoyed his meeting with the Ravens organization, and the Ravens need a star wide receiver. A match made in heaven?

17th Overall Pick – Washington Redskins – Haason Reddick (LB)

The Redskins need defensive help. Here you go.

18th Overall Pick – Tennessee Titans – Adoree’ Jackson (CB)

They already got their wide receiver. Now let’s get them one of the best cornerbacks. Great first round for the Titans.

19th Overall Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – O. J. Howard (TE)

This is one of those things that may only be able to happen in my mock draft, but if O. J. Howard falls to the Buccaneers then they simply have to take him. With a top 10 talent like Howard here, you have to take him.

20th Overall Pick – Denver Broncos – Ryan Ramczyk (T)

They need help on the offensive line, and, even though Ramczyk has injury issues, he would help them a lot.

21st Overall Pick – Detroit Lions – Jarrad Davis (LB)

The Lions get their linebacker.

22nd Overall Pick – Miami Dolphins – Takkarist McKinley (DE)

The Miami Dolphins could use some help with an edge rusher here.

23rd Overall Pick – New York Giants – Garrett Bolles (T)

Protect Eli Manning!

24th Overall Pick – Oakland Raiders – Cam Robinson (T)

Protect Derek Carr!

25th Overall Pick – Houston Texans – Deshaun Watson (QB)

The Houston Texans need a good quarterback if they want to take that next step as a team. Deshaun Watson, one of my two favorite quarterbacks in the draft class (the other being Trubisky), would be a good choice for the Texans.

26th Overall Pick – Seattle Seahawks – Kevin King (CB)

Kevin King or Forrest Lamp.

27th Overall Pick – Kansas City Chiefs – Dalvin Cook (RB)

They no longer have Jamaal Charles, and the ‘consensus’ top three quarterbacks have been taken. Maybe it’s time to take a look at Cook.

28th Overall Pick – Dallas Cowboys – Tre’Davious White (CB)

The Cowboys need help in the secondary.

29th Overall Pick – Green Bay Packers – T. J. Watt (OLB)

Who really wants to hear what a Bears fan thinks the Packers should do?

30th Overall Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers – David Njoku (TE)

Njoku could go anywhere in the twenties, but I have him falling to the Steelers.

31st Overall Pick – Atlanta Falcons – Forrest Lamp (G)

The rich get richer.

32nd Overall Pick – New Orleans Saints – Taco Charlton (DE)

With Humphrey and Charlton the Saints get much better.

Now, as you may have noticed, there were no trades in my mock draft. It’s not that I don’t believe any teams will trade their picks (some teams definitely will), I’ve just never really thought it was smart to predict a trade in my mock drafts.

Enjoy the draft!

– Jeffrey Rex