DRAFT REACTION: Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears QB Carousel

The 1st round of the 2017 NFL Draft is over, and the story of the day was that the Chicago Bears took a big chance. The Chicago Bears traded up just one spot from #3 to #2 to draft North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears got the pick that they used on Trubisky in exchange for a third round pick in next year’s draft (2018) and the following three picks in this year’s draft: #3, #67, #111.

The Bears now have very few picks left in this year’s draft, even though they’ll definitely try to trade back from their pick in the second round to grab more draft picks. Although I actually like the pick itself, the fact that we traded up one spot and lost three draft picks because of it really annoys me. But that’s the only part of the selection that bothers me. Other teams definitely wanted Trubisky, and maybe they were going to make a deal with the Niners to take him at #2. I don’t think the Bears were tricked into trading up.

In this article, I want to highlight why I actually like the selection, even though it is very risky. Let’s get to it.

QUARTERBACKS AREN’T CHEAP: Why the trade isn’t crazy.

Even though I was annoyed by the trade up-deal, it does show me that this was the guy Ryan Pace – the Bears general manager – wanted all along and he got him. He got exactly who he wanted, and he wasn’t willing to let others have him. That tells me that Pace believes Trubisky can not only save his job, but also be the right choice for the Bears. If you feel like you’re one spot away from getting a true franchise quarterback, then you have to go get him. The position is that important.

I also think that we need to understand that these quarterbacks don’t come cheap. We were right there and we got the guy most people thought was the best QB in the draft class in spite of his inexperience. Two other quarterbacks were taken in the first round – Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson – and the trades that made their selections possible will definitely hurt their new teams next year.

Now the Chiefs don’t have a first round pick in 2018 because they wanted to go and get Mahomes, even though they already have Alex Smith. Meanwhile, Deshaun Watson – who I am a fan of – is going to the Houston Texans to compete for the first string QB job, but the trade to get him also cost the Texans their only first round pick in 2018. The Chicago Bears didn’t lose a first round pick next year, and they do have a win-now quarterback to try to make it work in 2017.

PERFECT SITUATION FOR TRUBISKY: Why it makes sense to draft Mitchell Trubisky even though the Bears just signed Mike Glennon.

So, one of the big questions people were asking about the selection was, simply, why? You have to understand that to people who – unlike us Bears fans – think about other teams or more than one NFL team each and every day, Mike Glennon always looked like the Bears’ replacement for Jay Cutler – the former franchise quarterback.

People see the total worth of the Mike Glennon contract ($45 million) and they are confused. But they have to understand that he’s only really guaranteed $18.5 million, and the Bears can ‘somewhat easily’ let him go in one year and move on to Trubisky.

That makes it a perfect landing spot for Mitchell Trubisky, who, with only 13 college starts (played in 31), is an inexperienced rookie that needs to sit and learn behind a veteran quarterback. The Bears have that with Glennon, and the Bears don’t have to rush Trubisky out on the field. They can definitely try to ‘win now’ with Glennon and replace him down the line with a, then, much more experienced Trubisky – the future franchise quarterback in Chicago.

Should we be worried that he only has 13 college starts? Definitely. People compare him to Mark Sanchez because of that fact. But Michael Vick and Ryan Tannehill didn’t get a huge number of games as starters in college either.

Look at our rivals – the Green Bay Packers – they are a team that definitely knows what it feels like to draft a QB in the 1st round only to bench him in favor of a veteran – Brett Favre. That young QB was named Aaron Rodgers and he started 22 games (played in 25) in college.

I’m not saying Mitchell Trubisky is going to be the next Aaron Rodgers, but Ryan Pace definitely thinks he has something here with the young QB from the North Carolina Tar Heels. Let’s see if it works out for us. There’s no need to pre-judge him. Give him a chance.


– Jeffrey Rex