REVIEW: English Premier League 2014/2015

And there it is. Chelsea’s 5th Top League Title, 4th Premier League title.

Chelsea were the champions, which, of course, pleases me. They were on top from the start, and they, we, completely deserve it. But this season also marks the end of three great Premier League careers.

Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard end their Premier League careers, and will now go to the United States to take over the Major League Soccer. As a surprise on the last day of the season, Didier Drogba also revealed that it would be his very last game for Chelsea Football Club. Three great legends.


Captain. Leader. Legend.

The following is a list of honors recognizing special performances by teams, players, or managers. These are my picks, and if you disagree, then sound off in the comments.

  • Disappointment of the Season: Liverpool Football Club.
  • Surprise of the Season: Southampton Football Club.
  • Worst Signing of the Season: Mario Balotelli, Liverpool Football Club.
  • Best Signing of the Season: Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea Football Club.
  • Manager of the Season: José Mourinho, Chelsea Football Club.
  • Young Player of the Season (U21): Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
  • Player of the Season: John Terry, Chelsea Football Club.

Off-Season Predictions

  • Brendan Rodgers will be fired.
  • Petr Cech will, sadly, find a new home.
  • One of these players will leave Chelsea: Filipe Luis, Juan Cuadrado, Oscar.
  • Manuel Pellegrini will not be fired.
  • Yaya Toure will leave Manchester City.
  • Raheem Sterling will stay in the Premier League.
  • Christian Eriksen will find a new home.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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