Halfway Through the Year: Adjustments

Okay, so, we’re more than halfway through the year. It’s time to change and explain some things. As you may have noticed, Dagobah Day and Marvelous Monday haven’t been posted in a while, and, in some of my reviews, I’ve mentioned that I saw the film I’m reviewing ‘more than a month ago.’ (more…)


Best of the Year-Lists and IJR Awards 2016

Awards Talk

The end is near! – We’re getting closer and closer to the end of 2016, and I almost don’t believe we’re already in Thanksgiving week. That also means that you might be looking for my best of the year lists for films and television shows.

Of course, I’ve also got my little awards presentation thing again this year. So, let me tell you how I’m going to be doing it this year, and how that way differs from last year’s schedule. (more…)

Introducing ‘Top Ten Tuesday’


Change is coming. Detective Comics Saturday has been on hiatus for a little while, and it’s not alone. Testing Television isn’t ‘gone for now’ but it won’t be posted at least once a month anymore. The Collection and Thespians and Filmmakers are getting the Testing Television treatment too. What content is going to be replacing those three post series, you may ask? (more…)

Good News, Everyone!

Did you miss me?

Sherlock, ‘His Last Vow.’ [BBC]

Good news, everyone! My laptop problems seem to have been fixed today. No more technical difficulties, please! Now, it’s too late to make this my big ‘event week,’ but don’t worry it’ll get pushed one week. In the coming days, I’ll announce what my plans are for next week.

Now, I need to catch up. Today, Marvelous Monday #56 will, indeed, go up as planned, and I plan to release a review for George Clooney’s The Ides of March soon. So, that’s pretty much it for now. I’m back. Did you miss me?

– Jeffrey Rex

Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By


Bad news. I am currently having a couple of annoying issues with my laptop computer keyboard. Hopefully, it will be fixed sooner rather than later. But at this point in time, I have to face the facts – it will be difficult for me to write all of the reviews that I had planned for the coming week.

Sadly, this also means that Marvelous Monday #56 won’t post this Monday. I think everything will be fixed during the coming week, but if it isn’t, then I’ll let you know. You can still reach me on twitter @ImJeffreyRex, and I’ll try to be back as soon as possible. Until next time – go watch some movies.

– Jeffrey Rex