2020 Update: I’m Jeffrey Rex

Have you ever heard the phrase: New year, new me? Well, I thought that since we have now entered the potentially glorious year of 2020, I should give my readers an update about the adjustments being made to the recurring blog post series on I’m Jeffrey Rex. Today, I’m announcing a couple of adjustments as well as a huge review project for this March.

Best of the Decade


In the first months of 2020, I want to publish my Top Ten films of the 2010s-list. On top of this, I want to continue to release genre-specific Best of the 2010s-lists over the course of this year. If — I said if — I find the time this year, I would also very much like to publish a Best Films of the 1980s-list.

March: Eon-Project

The only March madness that I’ll be participating in this year will be my insane attempt to review each and every Eon-Bond film in March prior to the release of No Time to Die. Therefore, I will be publishing twenty-four Bond reviews over the course of that month (if I have previously reviewed a Bond-film, then that review will be republished or updated). Now, do note that I will only be reviewing the Eon Productions films (hence the title), which means I will not be reviewing Peter Sellers’ Bond-film or Never Say Never Again.

Postponed due to NO TIME TO DIE-postponement

Box Office Predictions


So, one thing that I’ve come to realize over the years is that Box Office Predictions work best during the summer movie season. Therefore, aside from a special post that will be released in the first month of every year, Box Office Predictions will become a seasonal series.

Special Features & Reviews


I don’t have a lot to announce here other than to say that with Special Features and reviews of any kind it will — other than the Eon-Project — be business as usual. Whenever I see a new film that I have to talk about, there will be a review of it on my site. Special Features will continue to be for special lists, predictions, or opinion pieces.

If you have any questions about the 2020 slate, then please comment below.

– Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen.

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