This week will be the first one where teams officially panic. Four weeks into the season already, with most teams being average, but some being inexcusably bad. I never thought Brady and Brees would join E.J. Manuel and HC Dennis Allen on that list… These are the men I’ll be writing about this week – while also challenging the end-of-the-world – mentality.

Kyle Orton, yes Kyle Orton, is back as a starting quarterback in the National Football League. Every single Bears fan knows this man, and he’s not really one I’d call popular. With that having been said, he’s a plug and play veteran. Now, this week E.J. Manuel was officially benched. After only 14 NFL games they have decided that Manuel is not ready. Now, the HC is probably worried about his job, and is in win-now-mode – but I disagree with this decision. Manuel is not an Orton copy, and I’d rather stick with my second year-guy, than go on with a veteran just signed a couple of weeks ago. Then again, the Rams would probably kill for either of these two…

Drew Brees and Tom Brady have been inexcusably bad. Brady’s bunch is doing fine record-wise, but they are not playing well – and it’s only a matter of time before they realize they aren’t who they, or we, thought they were. As for Brees? This is insanely illogical, I looked at him, and his team, as a potential Super Bowl winner – and right now, I’m not even sure they could beat Tampa Bay.

Also, we already have our first HC fired. Oakland Raiders HC Dennis Allen has been fired, and that’s in spite of a couple of ‘worse-than-expected’ seasons. Thankfully, they have an experienced coaching staff – and Tony Sparano has apparently been appointed Interim HC. I completely disagree with the sacking of Allen, though. We are only four weeks into the season, and yes, the Raiders are bad – BUT, you don’t fire a talented coach this early on in the season.

On to the next one.

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