New Direction

On monday December 29th 2014 the Chicago Bears fired three very important people. First it was general manager Phil Emery, then head coach Marc Trestman – and finally Aaron Kromer. Along with that, new information surfaced about the hiring of Marc Trestman.

This post will tell you why you need to fire these three men – and who I would like to see in Chicago in 2015. Before doing that though, let me state the obvious – the Trestman/QB-Guru project was a disaster.

So, Phil Emery is perhaps the most shocking sack of the season for non-Bears fans. Let’s state why he’s gone.

  1. His draft picks didn’t work out – we practically only have fond memories of Jeffery and Long…
  2. Emery stated that they would progress, become even better – when they actually went from 10-6, to 8-8 and now 5-11.
  3. Emery hired Trestman to fix the offense. He did not.
  4. This:

    “At the time, the plan was to retain the highly regarded Marinelli to run the defense. And he had planned to, remaining on even after close friend Smith was fired. But back in mid-January 2013, as part of their final selection process for a head coach to replace Smith, Emery and the organization had Marinelli interview the three finalists for the head-coaching job.

    Marinelli was asked to rank the three. He did. Arians was his runaway first choice; Bevell was the second; Trestman was a distant third.

    Emery selected Trestman.

    When he learned of the decision, Marinelli abruptly angrily resigned and left Halas Hall for Dallas and a de facto demotion to defensive line coach.” – John Mullins, CSNCHICAGO.COM.

So, this is basically self-explanatory. The same can be said for Kromer and Trestman.

  1. Aaron Kromer outed his personal problems with Jay Cutler to the press… Inexcusable, instantly fired in my humble opinion.
  2. Destroying an offense you were hired to fix.
  3. Doing the reverse-Lovie Smith (not having balance defensively).
  4. Not utilizing your best player (Matt Forte), i.e. not running the ball.

I will say, I wanted Trestman – but it didn’t work out. The fact that Chicago could have had Arians AND our old DC, but chose not to is inexcusable. So now Bears look ahead for new hirings. Therefore we need to mention some possibilities. First let’s look at my preferred GM:

  • Jeff Ireland – former GM of the Miami Dolphins.

This guy has plenty of experience, his granddad has ties to the Bears – and he himself was a ball boy for the Chicago Bears once. This could be a perfect fit.

No full analysis of the various HC candidates, but I’ll list my top 5 here in no particular order:

  • Mike Shanahan, former LA Raiders, Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos Head Coach.
  • Rex Ryan, former New York Jets Head Coach (son of former Bears DC, Buddy Ryan).
  • Dave Toub, former Chicago Bears Special Teams Coordinator.
  • Greg Roman, current Offensive Coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Dan Quinn, current Defensive Coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks.

Any thoughts on the Chicago Bears?

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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