In-Depth NFL Mock Draft 2013

Originally Published: 24th of April 2013, 14:46.

In-Depth NFL Mock Draft 2013

By Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen.


Welcome to my first ever real in-depth National Football League Mock Draft. This is of course for the Draft Class of 2013. This Mock Draft was originally put together on the 23rd of April, so any trades, following this date, will not affect this Mock Draft. This Mock Draft will focus on selection and decision, as any Mock Draft, an therefore I will start by announcing my pick for a team, and then I’ll go on to tell you why they’ve been chosen. However, you will notice other sections of the first 29 picks. ”Scenario Change” explains what player I could take instead of the announced pick; this will ensure that you get a deeper understanding behind my choices. Also, a section called ”GM Advice” will be added. Under ”GM Advice” you could, for example, hear me say if I think the announced pick will be the better choice down the road, or if they should just trade back and take another player. But 29th overall is my last in-depth look. However, I will pick a player for each team. Also, if there are any fans of the NFC North reading this, I must inform you that I’m biased. I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan, and will probably be spending more time on pick number 20.

So without further ado, let me welcome you to my first ever in-depth Mock Draft. Enjoy.

1st Overall: Chiefs select Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M.
I reckon that this is the first time in many years where we’re not sure who’s going 1st overall. Last year we were certain Andrew Luck was a Colt, we weren’t really surprised with Cam Newton in 2011, Sam Bradford in 2010 or Matthew Stafford in 2009. Actually, come to think of it, this is the first time since 2008, where the Miami Dolphins selected Jake Long, that an Offensive Lineman has been taken 1st overall. And it’s fairly certain that the Chiefs are going for an Offensive Tackle. The only thing we’re unsure of is if it’s Joeckel or Fisher, but I’ll get to that. Have you ever heard of Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football? Sure you have. Luke Joeckel protected Manziel in College, and was thrust into fame when Pro Football Weekly quoted a NFL General Manager as saying the Tackle is better than both Joe Thomas & Matt Kalil, a tremendous recommendation. Luke Joeckel will help any team, and he’ll be a star in the NFL. Top Pick – deserved.
Scenario Change: Everyone knows what I’m going to say here. I’m going to talk about Eric Fisher, another great tackle. This is a kid I’ll be spending more time on 2nd overall so don’t worry. Joeckel would step in as Alex Smith’s Left Tackle in Kansas City, whereas you could possibly move Eric Fisher around a bit. I believe this all comes down to Branden Albert.
GM Advice: You’re not going to move away from 1st overall, and neither of these players can be called a reach. If you, as a GM, like what you have in Branden Albert (he’s been Franchise Tagged), then get yourself Eric Fisher. However, if you are truly trying to deal Albert to Miami, then Joeckel’s your guy. It all comes down to Albert. Make a decision.
2nd Overall: Jaguars select Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan.

To say that the Jacksonville Jaguars have many needs would be an understatement, a massive one at that. They’re not even sure about their young Quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, but truly who can blame them for having doubts regarding Gabbert? He hasn’t done a lot of good things in Florida. But even if they want a Quarterback it’d be a massive reach to take Geno Smith here. With that being said, look for them to try to add Mike Glennon, or possibly even Matt Barkley, later on to try to put pressure on Blaine Gabbert. The Jaguars cannot pass up this chance to get a future Pro Bowler, and therefore must take this Lineman – it will definitely help whichever Quarterback they decide to start come week 1. If the Jaguars don’t leave the Draft with either Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher, I’d be disappointed with the Jaguars GM.
Scenario Change: I’ve mentioned Geno Smith already, but I think that would be a reach, as mentioned. Another option could be Dion Jordan who I really like, but I’m a strong believer in the fact that you can never have too many good Offensive Linemen.
GM Advice: Take the Offensive Tackle that the Chiefs don’t take. Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher will be strong players for any organization, and either of them will help Gabbert a lot. Do this you won’t regret it.

3rd Overall: Raiders select Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida.

I think a Draft Analyst has called Sharrif the best player in the Draft, and I’m definitely not against that belief, even though he isn’t my absolute favorite player in the Draft. Sharrif would help the Raiders tremendously on the defensive side of the ball, and would be lovely addition to Oakland. I’m sure Dennis Allen will love this guy and probably already does. The former Gator will be a star in the NFL, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Pennsylvanian Defensive Lineman go to the west coast to dominate. Reggie McKenzie, just get this guy!
Scenario Change: It’s been one hell of a discussion. Who’s better? Sharrif Floyd or Star Lotulelei? I really like Star, and I believe the NFL GMs agree with me, but his problem with his heart has set him back. However, look for Star to be a great pick – if it indeed was just a viral infection.
GM Advice: Sharrif Floyd will be a great player for this organization, so don’t move one bit – just grab the Gator while you can. The Oakland Raiders need a good pick, and this one would fit the bill for the Californian AFC Team.

4th Overall: Eagles select Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon.

No pick makes more sense than this. You have the top prospect of the Oregon Ducks, and he’s slipped past the Chiefs, Jaguars & Raiders – and then you have the Philadelphia Eagles… Now, why does this make sense? It’s fairly simple. After firing Andy Reid, the new Chiefs Head Coach, the Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie hired Chip Kelly to take over. Now, who’s Chip Kelly? He’s the, now former, Oregon Ducks Head Coach. This pick makes too much sense to not mention. I’d love this kid, who I really like, to be an Eagle. Familiarize yourself with the city of Philadelphia, Dion.
Scenario Change: Well, there is still the odd chance Jacksonvill decide to pass up on Fisher, and take Dion Jordan 2nd overall; if that’s the case two names come to mind, Geno Smith & Star Lotulelei. I’ve already mentioned these two. Geno Smith would be a reach, but could fit as the heir apparent to Mike Vick, and Star’s well-known heart problem might not just be a viral infection. You can never be too sure.
GM Advice: If Dion Jordan isn’t there at 4th overall, I’d strongly consider a possible trade back, a couple of teams would like Lane Johnson, or Eric Fisher/Luke Joeckel if either of these Tackles fall a bit.

5th Overall: Lions select “Ziggy” Ansah, DE/OLB, Brigham Young.

If I’m Martin Mayhew I look at Detroit’s Defensive Line. Kyle Van den Bosch & Cliff Avril are no longer on this team, so you need edge rushers. However, this team could also use an Offensive Tackle or Defensive Back; but at 5th overall you can’t reach. Take Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, and strengthen your amazing Defensive Line. Who wouldn’t want a Defensive Line with Ansah, Suh & Fairley? The NFC North should be on alert. Now, if Fisher or Joeckel fell to 5th, then you take the available tackle; but you can’t take Lane Johnson, when you have a need for an edge rusher and “Ziggy” is still there – then you take the Defensive End from Brigham Young University.
Scenario Change: This is when you look at the players at 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th overall. If any of these players fall (with the exception of Sharrif Floyd), then you definitely have to think about it. I would definitely take Dion Jordan over Ziggy, and either Joeckel or Fisher over the both of them.
GM Advice: While you have the opportunity to trade back, due to teams hunting Lane Johnson, I think you have to take what you can get. There are extremely good players available at 5th overall. So, Martin Mayhew has to stay at 5th if you ask me.

6th Overall: Browns select Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama.

The Cleveland Browns General Manager is Michael Lombardi, and he’s got an opportunity to create the most talented Defensive Back Team in the National Football League. In last years first round of the NFL Draft they got Quarterback Brandon Weeden & Running Back Trent Richardson. Now, look at the Browns roster, and look at their Defensive Backs. The most talented players there are Cornerback Joe Haden and Safety T.J. Ward. Now the Browns have the chance to get yet another DB talent in Dee Milliner. They can start Haden, Milliner and Ward and put pressure on Flacco, Big Ben and Andy Dalton. I like that if I’m the Browns General Manager. This is a huge opportunity for the Browns to become an interesting team again.
Scenario Change: It’s been interesting seeing how Mike Mayock rates the various players, and one thing you quickly realize is that he doesn’t believe Dee Milliner is the top Cornerback. Instead, he places his faith in D.J. Hayden of Houston. Hayden has an amazing backstory, he was injured in a passing drill, and the severity of his injury can’t be overstated. You could say that it’s a miracle Hayden is still alive. D. J. Hayden is a possibility for the Browns.
GM Advice: I am not that familiar with D. J. Hayden to be clear, however, I really like what I’ve seen from Dee Milliner. I would say that the Browns have to pick Dee Milliner if he’s there at 6th, but if he’s not, then try to trade back, possibly with San Diego (seeing as they are desperate to get Lane Johnson).
7th Overall: Cardinals select Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma.

This is a guy there’s a real battle for. Arizona & San Diego seem to be really interested in this guy, and if San Diego doesn’t trade up, then this is a great pick for Arizona Cardinals. Having just traded for Carson Palmer, you finally have a good Quarterback in Arizona. They haven’t had one since Kurt Warner, and we know Larry Fitzgerald’s happy now. Lane Johnson would help protect the new Quarterback, and make sure Carson Palmer stays upright.
Scenario Change: Perhaps Chance Warmack would help a little bit, but I still think Lane Johnson is a surefire pick for Arizona, if San Diego doesn’t trade up. You could also think outside the box, and go with Tyler Eifert or Tavon Austin; a true offensive playmaker. But I don’t believe Arizona are weak at the receiving position.
GM Advice: You have to get an Offensive Tackle if you’re Arizona Cardinals, and preferably you get this one. But if he’s not available, trade back a bit and get Menelik Watson or D. J. Fluker.


8th Overall: Bills select Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia.

Who are Buddy Nix & Doug Marrone kidding? You simply can’t start Kevin Kolb over Ryan Fitzpatrick! I just don’t see why you believe Kolb is better. Still, even if you believe Kolb is as good as Fitzpatrick, I just don’t see the logic in not drafting Geno Smith if he’s there at 8th overall. Kevin Kolb is NOT good enough, and you don’t want to know you passed on Geno Smith in the first round, to take Ryan Nassib in the second round, just because Marrone knows Nassib. Don’t be stupid Buffalo… Take Geno Smith while you can. He might not be Cam Newton, Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III – but he’s the best Quarterback in this Draft Class.
Scenario Change: You could of course just do what I don’t recommend. You could draft Ryan Nassib in the second round, and possibly take a playmaker in Tavon Austin, or a great Offensive Guard in Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper.
GM Advice: If Geno Smith is still available, then take him while you can. You don’t want to explain to your fans that you’d rather have Ryan Nassib, especially not if Smith succeeds.

9th Overall: Jets select Barkevious Mingo, DE/ OLB, LSU.

If there’s one thing we know about Rex Ryan, it’s that he loves his defensive guys. This Louisiana Tiger would be welcomed with open arms by the defensive genius. He’s an interesting prospect, and a great talent that would help the New York Jets tremendously as an edge rusher. Definitely a great fit for a Head Coach who loves defense. A great player who I’m hearing a couple of teams are looking at.
Scenario Change: Now, this is where we, once again, look back at our previous picks. If Dion Jordan or “Ziggy” Ansah mysteriously falls to 9th overall, then you quickly grab him. But with both Ansah & Jordan gone, then you have to take either Jarvis Jones or Barkevious Mingo. However, with what has happened in New York these last few days, the Jets could use a Cornerback – and guess what, D. J. Hayden, Xavier Rhodes & Desmond Trufant are still available. But, it might be too early to draft Trufant or Rhodes.
GM Advice: This is a team that could trade back, and possibly get Jarvis Jones or a guy like D. J. Hayden, so listen to your colleagues. You might be able to get more picks.

10th Overall: Titans select Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina.

Okay, yes I know the Tennessee Titans just signed Andy Levitre, but if there’s one thing you need for Jake Locker, and especially for CJ2K, aka Chris Johnson, it’s an athletic Offensive Guard. If this team wants to both protect their young Quarterback, and get Chris Johnson back to where he’s at his best, then you draft my favorite player in this Draft Class. Jonathan Cooper simply is one of the best out there, and this is a player the Titans must get if they want to battle Indianapolis & Houston.
Scenario Change: Well, you could of course just select another Offensive Guard. Chance Warmack is still available, as you’d have noticed, but there’s one thing where Jonathan Cooper excels – and that is athletic ability. Cooper is my absolute favorite player in this Draft Class.
GM Advice: I’ve already said it all, haven’t I? Jonathan Cooper must be picked within the top 10. You won’t regret getting him, when the season begins.

11th Overall: Chargers select Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama.

This is where it begins to be tough to predict, because San Diego needs a Left Tackle, but they’ll have to trade down to get that (unless you’re reaching). You have to take the best player available, and that is truly Chance Warmack. He’ll help the Offensive Line, and I’m sure Rivers would be happy with Warmack in San Diego. A lot of people believe he should be drafted higher than Jonathan Cooper, but I still believe Cooper’s athleticism makes him better for a team like the Titans.
Scenario Change: Well, as mentioned they could definitely trade up and get Lane Johnson, which would probably be for the best. But there’s also another option, and that’s D. J. Fluker.
GM Advice: I think you have to try to get Lane Johnson, sorry but you have to. Rivers needs protection and preferably on the Left Tackle spot, so go up and grab Lane Johnson if you can.
12th Overall: Dolphins select D. J. Hayden, CB, Houston.

Okay guys, I’m betting on Mike Mayock. Mayock has said he believes Hayden is the best Cornerback, as I’ve mentioned I still rate Dee Milliner higher due to Hayden’s aforementioned health history. Still, I’m not going to let him slip down a lot. Hayden looks like a good prospect. I’m trusting, you, Mayock! And for those of you screaming for an Offensive Tackle, I’m assuming Brandon Albert will be a Dolphin come Draft Day.
Scenario Change: Personally, I’d probably take Desmond Trufant or Xavier Rhodes here. But, as mentioned, I’m trusting Mike Mayock’s wisdom. If Albert doesn’t become a Dolphin, they could definitely take D. J. Fluker.
GM Advice: Take the Cornerback you trust, not necessarily Hayden or Trufant. Take the guy you feel comfortable with, I’m not really sure who’s the better of Hayden, Trufant & Rhodes.

13th Overall: Jets select Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame.

The next franchise Quarterback of the New York Jets isn’t in this Draft, I don’t believe so anyway. So forget every Quarterback. The Jets need a playmaker or a Cornerback, and seeing as I took Hayden with the Dolphins, I’m not going to take a Cornerback yet again; simply because Rhodes & Trufant probably would be reaches for the Jets at 13th overall. So, get a playmaker. Now, regarding playmakers I believe there are two guys you can take, Tavon Austin or Tyler Eifert. The reason I’m taking the latter, is because he’s a big guy for Sanchez to throw it up to. I know Austin is a Harvin-type receiver, but I’m picking a Jimmy Graham-type over a Randall Cobb/Percy Harvin clone any day – but I might be too old school.
Scenario Change: I’ve pretty much said it already. Take Hayden if he’s there, however, another option would be Tavon Austin – don’t underestimate his potential.
GM Advice: Take Tyler Eifert. You need a big Tight End if you’re the Jets, and this guy will fit right in, and give Sanchez, or whomever starts under center, a good big receiver.

14th Overall: Panthers select Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and throughout these weeks I’ve been talking about two players – Cordarelle Patterson & Sheldon Richardson. Patterson was ideal due to him being my top receiver before all the Tavon Austin madness, and because he’d be a great guy to start with alongside Steve Smith. But the real conversation starts with Sheldon Richardson. A great Defensive Tackle, but if Star Lotulelei falls to 14th overall, you get him, no question.
Scenario Change: I’ve mentioned the guys; Richardson & Patterson, but there is another. Tavon Austin has to be mentioned at almost every pick. Austin is the most explosive player in the Draft; someone’s going to get a great player.
GM Advice: Take Star Lotulelei if he falls to your pick, if not, then take Sheldon Richardson.




15th Overall: Saints select Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas.

By far the best safety in this Draft Class, and he’d be perfect for this New Orleans Saints team. I really like this kid a lot, and I have a feeling he’ll be a top player for years to come. You might be tempted to get another weapon for Drew Brees here, but I believe you should help the defense. I’d love a safety like Vaccaro in a division that Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez & Roddy White call home.
Scenario Change: It’s important to know I’ve dropped Jarvis Jones on both the New York Jets & New Orleans Saints’ Draft Board, due to a less than impressive pro day. But he is definitely a possibility for the Saints.
GM Advice: I think you take Vaccaro if he’s there. Other than Tavon Austin, I’m not sure you can say there are better players available. So, just get Kenny Vaccaro.



16th Overall: Rams select Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia.

This is THE playmaker of this Draft. I’ve mentioned him a lot, and that’s because you have a guy who can be compared to Percy Harvin & Randall Cobb – Two players who’ve dominated in the NFL. Here you have a guy who can play Running Back and Wide Receiver, and let us not forget his ability as a return specialist. This is an explosive guy, and he’d help Sam Bradford a lot. But beware of the Vikings, who might be interested in trading up for Tavon Austin.
Scenario Change: Well there is the possibility they wind up missing out on Austin due to the Vikings trading up; then who should they get? I’d go for Cordarelle Patterson, seeing as Eric Reid will probably still be there later on for the 2nd 1st round pick. But they should probably trade down if they miss out on Austin.
GM Advice: Don’t worry, just get Austin.



17th Overall: Steelers select Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia.

This is a player who’s been dropping on my board ever since his pro day, but you have to take him at some time, because he is a good player. I’m trusting Jarvis on this one – the Georgia Bulldog has been telling the media that he believes he’ll at least be taken 17th overall, because the Steelers’ Coaches supposedly like what they are seeing. Now, I like Jarvis, but he’s been dropping for a reason. This isn’t a bad pick at 17th, so all in all a decent pick for Pittsburgh.
Scenario Change: Well, I’ve been dropping him, but you never know. The Saints or The Jets could still pick him.
GM Advice: Well, I’m not sure about this one. Jarvis is a good pick, but you could also strengthen your offense if you don’t have any believe in Jarvis Jones.
18th Overall: Cowboys select D. J. Fluker, OT/OG, Alabama.

The Dallas Cowboys just invested their entire future in Quarterback Tony Romo, so what’s the obvious thing to do? Simple, you draft Offensive Linemen. Sure, they’d like Cooper or Warmack – but they won’t be there at 18th overall; but D. J. Fluker would be a great player to add instead. There’s been talk of moving him to Guard, regardless he’d be an important player to sign for the Romo-led Cowboys.
Scenario Change: Sure they can look at other options, like another Defensive Tackle or a big Tight End to have behind Jason Witten – like Zach Ertz.
GM Advice: I probably wouldn’t have signed Romo to the deal he got, but then again they don’t have any other opportunity this year, without quitting on this season. So, in order for Tony Romo to excel this season, they have to protect him – therefore they have to sign D. J. Fluker, trade up for another guard or trade down and grab Pugh from Syracuse.


19th Overall: Giants select Alec Ogletree, (I)LB, Georgia.

For the Giants you’d also like to add Offensive Line depth and strength – but seeing as Fluker, Johnson, Cooper, Warmack, Fisher & Joeckel off the board, you have to look at another need, in order to not overreach for a player. Here comes Linebacker Alec Ogletree; an athletic Linebacker to really fill a big hole for the New York Giants. The Georgia Bulldog has had some off-the-field problems, but you can’t get another Linebacker at 19th overall that doesn’t have off-the-field problems, without reaching.
Scenario Change: You can definitely trade back and take Pugh from Syracuse, or possibly Menelik Watson – but with a lot of teams looking to trade down, it might be too hard – even for the Giants.
GM Advice: Take the best player available – Ogletree would be a great player to draft for a team like New York.

20th Overall: Bears select Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame.

This is my team – My Chicago Bears, and I’m not going to agree with a lot of my fellow Bears-fans. Really, they’re going to hate me for saying this, but I believe Manti is the best option for the Chicago Bears in this year’s Draft. I know his off-the-field problems are known throughout the NFL world, but look beyond that – why do we criticize Te’o? The Alabama game’s been mentioned a lot, but that’s one game – and I’m not going to crucify a young man over a simple catfishing-case and one really bad game. I like Manti Te’o, and I’d love him with the Bears – but I’d love a new contract for Urlacher even more. I prefer Te’o to Ogletree; there, I said it. More power to you, Manti – you’re welcome in Chicago.
Scenario Change: If Ogletree’s there, where probably getting him – even though I’d rather just take Manti. We can also look at Defensive Tackle where we are very thin, or possibly even trade back to add more picks. This last opportunity probably wouldn’t be that bad. Imagine we get pick 31, and a 2nd round pick for our 20th overall pick – I’d love that, because we could then just sign Kevin Minter, Brian Schwenke and who knows? Maybe Robert Woods.
GM Advice: Take Manti Te’o, he’ll fit in – and he’ll be okay in the NFL locker rooms; I’m certain of it. This is a ton of respect I’m sending to Manti, and I’d love him as a Bear.
21st Overall: Bengals select Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington.

This is a great Cornerback, and he’s got family in the National Football League. I’d love to see him in Cincinnati, and though I’d love to see another Wide Receiver for Andy Dalton to throw to – I just don’t see it happening with Trufant still on the board – and I really like Desmond Trufant. The Bengals are starting to become a real threat in the NFL and in their Division, and I think they just need to strengthen their defense in the Draft – and then they’ll be set up for a great run in the playoffs.
Scenario Change: Keenan Allen is still on the board, he could definitely be a great pick-up for the Bengals. They’d have a really dangerous offense.
GM Advice: Take the Best Player available and strengthen your team. I see Desmond as a great pick-up, and I’d love him for any team in need of Cornerback strength.



22nd Overall: Rams select Eric Reid, S, LSU.

Yeah I know they need a Running Back, but they’re only reaching if they take one now. Here they have a good safety, and would be strengthening their team immensely. Imagine leaving the first round with Tavon Austin & Eric Reid… That’d be huge for the St. Louis Rams. I’m looking forward to seeing if they move up or down, because they can get even better players than these two.
Scenario Change: They could take Kenny Vaccaro with their first pick, and take a Wide Receiver with their second pick.
GM Advice: Do it this way, you’re team’s going to be okay. More than okay with Jeff Fisher as your Head Coach.




23rd Overall: Vikings select Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri.

Sheldon Richardson is a great Defensive Tackle, and would be a great player for the Minnesota Vikings who’d be preparing for the future in a great way by drafting Sheldon Richardson here at 23rd overall. I don’t have a lot to say about this player, other than he’s a perfect fit for what the Vikings used to do.
Scenario Change: There’s been talk about the Vikings moving up, so that’d be an option. I mean, they are looking at a replacement for Percy Harvin, and Tavon Austin’d be perfect.
GM Advice: Take Sheldon and go younger on defense.

24th Overall: Colts select Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina.

They have a great offense; they just need to strengthen their stability and strength on defense. He’s been getting a lot of buzz lately, and I could see him being taken by the Vikings, but I still see him falling to the Colts here at 24th overall. Rebuild you defense, Indianapolis.
Scenario Change: Sheldon Richardson and Sylvester Williams could easily switch places, and the Colts could go for an edge rusher.
GM Advice: Take either of these two Defensive Tackles. If they’re not there, then trade down for more picks.

25th Overall: Vikings select Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee.

He’s been falling due to him apparently not seeming mature enough at the various interviews. But Cordarelle is a great receiver, and the Vikings can become a complete team with him and Greg Jennings at Wide Receiver. Minnesota will be a great team with Patterson. I know they want a Middle Linebacker, but Patterson’s the best player available with both Manti Te’o & Alec Ogletree taken.
Scenario Change: Keenan Allen is a decent player. So if Cordarelle Patterson is taken already, then you can just take one of these other Wide Receivers. Also, Justin Hunter has been coined ‘a poor man’s Randy Moos’, and when I think about Moos I quickly start thinking about Minnesota, so he could be great for Minnesota.
GM Advice: Take the best receiver available. I know you want Austin, but any receiver available here, is good enough.
26th Overall: Packers select Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford.

Now, I hate the Packers – and you should know this already. But I like this Tight End, and I believe the Packers will take a player like Zach if he is there. They need a new strong Tight End, for when Finley is no longer there, and it looks like he might not last for a number of seasons in Green Bay. Also, wouldn’t Rodgers like another strong receiver like this Tight End? I think he’d love an addition like Zach Ertz.
Scenario Change: The Packers could take Menelik Watson to strengthen the Offensive Line, but everyone wants Offensive Linemen right about now.
GM Advice: Take Ertz, I like him and you should too.
25th Overall: Texans select Keenan Allen, WR, California.

He’s been falling due to a combination of injuries and scouting performances when he wasn’t completely healthy. But Keenan is a great receiver, and the Texans can become a dangerous team with him and Andre Johnson at Wide Receiver. Keenan’s the best player available, in my humble opinion. I’d love to see Keenan in Houston, and I’m sure it’s all going to work out for him.
Scenario Change: If Cordarelle Patterson is still there, then he’ll be a great pick. But Justin Hunter is another possibility. I’ve mentioned Hunter’s been compared to Randy Moss, and he’d be a great player for Houston to get.
GM Advice: Take the best Wide Receiver available.
28th Overall: Broncos select Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State.

Let’s make it simple from now on. This Defensive End will give the Denver Broncos a small Band-Aid on top of the hurting this team has endured following the loss of Elvis Dumervil. Daniel Jeremiah is apparently quoted, as saying there aren’t 28 better players than Bjoern Werner in this year’s draft class. So go out and get this guy Denver.
Scenario Change: Well, this team is pretty much complete, so if they don’t take Werner – they have to go for the best player available.
GM Advice: Take the best player available, it’s simple – your teams good.




29th Overall: Patriots select Margus Hunt, DE, SMU.

This Estonian athlete is a guy I really like, and I think New England would learn to love this kid as their next defensive star. I love this pick simply because he’s got experience in other sports, and can take this experience and excel. I imagine him being a talent in every sport he’s been in, and therefore he’d welcome the pressure, seeing as he’s lived through a lot of pressure before.
Scenario Change: They could take Justin Hunter, to get a new receiver in there, and I think that’d be smart too.
GM Advice: Take the best player available or Margus Hunt.
30th Overall: Falcons select “Tank” Carradine, DE, Florida State.

This marks the beginning of my more generic section of my Mock Draft. Shorter explanations will be given, and the extra sections will disappear. Now, I really like Cornellius Carradine – and I’ve actually liked him going to Atlanta for quite a while. So, this “Tank” would be welcomed in Atlanta – that’s what I believe. They need more pass rusher, this “Tank” would fit right in, as far as I’m concerned.
31st Overall: 49ers select Jesse Williams, NT/DT, Alabama.

This is a guy I’ve been projecting to get drafted by the San Francisco 49ers for this entire Mock Draft period, and I do believe he would fit right in, to replace Isaac Sopoaga. So go ahead and get this guy, Jim Harbaugh.


32nd Overall: Ravens select Kevin Minter, LB, LSU.

This is the third LSU player I’m projecting to get drafted in the 1st round, and this one also makes a lot of sense. With Manti Te’o and Alec Ogletree off the board for the Ravens due to them being drafted, they have to get another Middle Linebacker. They can get Arthur Brown or Kevin Minter, but I believe they really like Kevin, and frankly I do too. I know they have Rolando McClain in Baltimore – but he’s trouble.


This marks the end of my In-Depth Mock Draft for the Class of 2013, the first of its kind; I hope you enjoyed.

– Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen

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