Halfway Through the Year: Adjustments

Okay, so, we’re more than halfway through the year. It’s time to change and explain some things. As you may have noticed, Dagobah Day and Marvelous Monday haven’t been posted in a while, and, in some of my reviews, I’ve mentioned that I saw the film I’m reviewing ‘more than a month ago.’

Now, let’s start with why my reviews have been posted pretty late. To tell you the truth, it hasn’t been a great summer for me. Family health concerns and the fact that Chester Bennington passed away are two things that managed to knock me out this summer. But those aren’t the main reason why I’ve been fairly inactive.

To tell you the truth, I’ve had some form of writer’s block after having overworked myself. Back in May, I was working on an exam paper, but, with twelve hours or so to go, I realized that nothing I had written up to that point worked. Therefore I had to stay up all night as I pushed myself to write around 17 pages in twelve hours. I completed the exam paper and submitted it eleven minutes before the deadline.

I got a passing grade in that exam, which I am over the moon about, but after that exam I had a tough time writing. I couldn’t sit by the keyboard for more than maybe twenty minutes at a time. And when I managed to sit by the keyboard, I didn’t have much to say. Sometimes I forced myself through the writer’s block, but, hopefully, none of my summer movie reviews look like I did that.

It wasn’t until, maybe, August that I started being comfortable writing again. But since I haven’t really written much in June or July, I am now swamped with work. There are so many reviews I have to write that I have saved as drafts on WordPress. I am slowly, but surely, working my way through them.

Sadly, my Better Call Saul and The Leftovers reviews probably won’t be completed until, maybe, October or November. But I want to get to those when I’m ready to write about them coherently as I love both of those shows. Going forward, nothing about my reviews will really change. Except for one thing: you’re definitely going to see a lot of late reviews mixed in with more timely reviews.

One of my favorite things to write on this site is Dagobah Day – my recurring opinion piece on all things in the world of Star Wars. Therefore, it, obviously, isn’t being discontinued. It won’t have a fixed date every month, but I’ll still write Dagobah Day posts from time to time. No worries.

Now, Marvelous Monday is a different story. While I love the concept, I am slightly ‘burned out’ on writing about Marvel every week or every month. I’ll still post Marvelous Mondays in the future, but they probably won’t be posted a lot. They may not even be posted for the rest of the year.

In a moment, you’ll see what Marvel and DC content discussion may be featured in going forward. Nothing is changing about Box Office Predictions. It will still be the first wednesday of every month. As for Lists? Well, they’ll continue to be a recurring post on the site, just like Dagobah Day.

Finally, I’m introducing something new this Friday. Special Features is going to be the title for my ‘one size fits all’ weekly opinion piece that may focus on television, superhero movies, Hollywood, box office totals, or, well, anything else. Each and every Friday, I’ll release a Special Features post. That’s right, the first one will be up this Friday.

– Jeffrey Rex

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