New Category for 2018 – IJR Awards

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the ways that I could improve the annual I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards, and today I am announcing one new category that will hopefully make the annual awards lists complete. On top of that, I am also retiring (or discontinuing) a related television award that has been a part of the IJR Awards the last two years. 

Best Supporting Performance by an Actor in a Television Show

Again, I must stress that actor, in this case, is not gender-specific. I had been thinking about a way in which I could honor these actors. I think this was a noteworthy blindspot in the television awards.

Best Guest Performance by an Actor in a Television Show

Finally, this is the award that I am discontinuing. You see, I think that the supporting performance category can honor the noteworthy guest performances as well. I don’t think you need a category for guest performers, but the supporting performance award is necessary, I think.

And that’s all for now. Check back in late November or early December for the Television nominations.

– Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen

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