Resolving the Undecided, and the New Categories – IJR Awards

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We are less than six months away from the 4th annual I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards! Around this time last year, I announced the frontrunners for a couple of categories. That’s not how I’m doing it this time around, however. Today, I’ll change an undecided announcement from 2013. Plus, I’ll reveal the new categories for 2016!

Discontinued Awards

The following categories are no longer being recognized in 2016

  • Superhero of the Year
  • Superheroine of the Year

Note: For a full list of every discontinued award (not just those being dropped this year), go to the bottom of this page.

New Awards

The following categories will be recognized for the first time in 2016.

  • Film Legend Award
  • Television Legend Award

For the first time, I am introducing lifetime achievement awards to the IJR Awards. I’ve previously honored the greats in the ‘My Legends’-section of the blog, but that is no longer running. Therefore I’ve introduced these two new categories to recognize some of the most important people in film and television. No nominees for these two categories will be announced prior to the 4th annual IJR Awards.

  • Best Achievement in Visual Effects in a Film
  • Best Film Score
  • Best Performance by a Cast in a Film
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Movie Poster
  • Best Movie Trailer
  • Best Sequel, Prequel, or Remake
  • Unforgettable Movie Quote of the Year

There’s a lot to get to here. I’ve wanted to recognize visual effects-work and the beautiful musical scores for quite a while, so I’m really excited to get to do that this year. I’m also very excited by the idea of celebrating ensemble casts this year! This year I also want to honor and recognize the best documentary of the year.

Now the final four new additions in the movie categories are very different. I love trailers, as they can be little pieces of art, and I look forward to celebrating the very best trailers, as we often only highlight the ones that reveal too much.

The 2010s are overrun with movie sequels, so I thought that it would be natural for me to celebrate the very best films that continue the story of other films or reinvent past films. I, also, want to celebrate the best quotes.

I love movie references, and I hope to be able to highlight some of the best quotes of the year. Finally, I’m going to be honoring the best movie posters of every year. Now, while you can release a movie poster for a movie that comes out the next year, this award will only be looking at movie posters for films, which were released in the year I’m honoring.

  • Best Performance by a Rising Star: Acting
  • Best Performance by a Rising Star: Filmmaking

In 2015, I introduced the Rising Star award, which honored a promising filmmaker or actor. But this year, I’ve decided to split the award up. From here on out, I’ll honor one promising filmmaker and one promising actor or actress every year. Each category will get between 3 and 5 nominations each year.

  • Best Guest Performance by an Actor in a Television Show
  • Best Performance by a Cast in a Television Show
  • Unforgettable Television Quote of the Year

Those are the newest television award categories! Now, I’ve added the awards for unforgettable quote and best performance by a cast to both the movie and television categories, so they aren’t all that special. Guest performance, on the other hand, is very special.

Now, the big acting awards (Best Performance by an Actor/Actress in a Film/Television Show) are still very much gendered, but the award for guest performance by an actor in a television show is gender-neutral. However, there is a strict rule here. You can only be nominated for this award if you appear in fewer than 50% of a season’s episodes.

Note: While guest performances from television shows will now be recognized, supporting performances in both films and on television are still competing in the best actor/actress categories.

So, that means that for the 4th Annual I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards (IJR Awards 2016) 30 different categories are being considered. If you have any questions, then please ask in the comments. However, that is not the end of today’s announcement.

Resolving the Undecided

Okay, so here’s the thing. Way back in 2013, with the first IJR Awards, I couldn’t decide what performance should be recognized as the best performance by a male actor in television show. The amazing, and amazingly scary even, Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, or the impeccably smart and cunning Kevin Spacey in House of Cards.

What ended up happening was, well, really not that much. I remained undecided and said that I could not decide. However, I do think that is still the only mistake I’ve made for the IJR Awards, as it isn’t in the spirit of recognizing the single best performance at the IJR Awards.

Therefore, I’ve now decided to change the decision from the very first IJR Awards to give you a proper winner. It was the only right decision, seeing as I am, currently, the only one deciding on the winners for the IJR Awards. Here is the ‘new’ winner of the aforementioned award:

  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Show – 2013: Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad: Season Five

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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