June Update: Regarding ‘Casting,’ ‘Testing Television,’ and ‘Box Office Predictions’


  • Casting – No longer posts on the fourth Monday of the month. The future of Casting is uncertain right now, seeing as there was no response to the new series of posts.
  • Testing Television – On the other hand, I’ve been pleased with the response to Testing Television. It will now post on the fourth Monday of the month.
  • Box Office Predictions: Finally, I’m changing the format for B.O.P. a little bit. For a while now, it’s only been predictions (and that will still be the most important part of the series of posts). But starting this July, Box Office Predictions will also look back on the box office numbers of the previous month. Also, I will be following specific films, and check on them to see how well they’ve done.

If you have any questions, ideas for Testing Television, or suggestions for Casting, then please leave a comment below.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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