‘Star Wars Celebration 2017: Day One’ Reaction – Dagobah Day #31

Like millions of others around the world, my Star Wars Celebration 2017 is spent at home. I spent the entire day watching the official Star Wars live stream, and while we don’t always get to see everything, I thought that what we got here was absolutely terrific.

Now, in this little reaction post, I’ll be discussing some of the news that got out of day one of Star Wars Celebration 2017, as well as some of the panels that I was able to see — starting with the 40 Years of Star Wars-panel! Continue reading “‘Star Wars Celebration 2017: Day One’ Reaction – Dagobah Day #31”

Star Wars Celebration Predictions 2017 – Dagobah Day #30

Over the next couple of days, Star Wars is being celebrated. Star Wars Celebration is happening in Orlando, Florida, and we are probably going to get the first trailer for The Last Jedi as well as some big announcements for the future of the franchise. Today’s Dagobah Day post is about trying to predict the answers to some questions I have about Star Wars Celebration.
Continue reading “Star Wars Celebration Predictions 2017 – Dagobah Day #30”

Did Jiang Wen Just Spoil Rogue One? – Dagobah Day #16

Dagobah Day - 2016

The following is a special Dagobah Day. Dagobah Day is normally released on the first Monday of every month.

So the Rogue One-panel was pretty cool. Gwendoline Christie moderated it, we got a pretty cool new poster, they released a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel, and the crowd got to see a special teaser trailer. But the biggest news from the panel was a huge mistake. Jiang Wen might’ve spoiled the film.  Continue reading “Did Jiang Wen Just Spoil Rogue One? – Dagobah Day #16”

The Curious Case of Josh Trank – Dagobah Day #2

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Dagobah Day

Dagobah Day is a new recurring opinion piece / news post on all things Star Wars. This time on Dagobah, I go over the curious case of director Josh Trank. Was he fired?

I have a bad feeling about this — So, something is clearly up with director Josh Trank. On the previous edition of Dagobah Day, I shrugged his no-show at SWCA off as him simply being ill, which he actually did tweet that he was. Now, I, initially, chose to believe him. But, now, Josh Trank apparently is no longer doing a Star Wars Anthology Film. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Josh Trank – Dagobah Day #2”