The Curious Case of Josh Trank – Dagobah Day #2

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Welcome back to Dagobah!

Dagobah Day is a new recurring opinion piece / news post on all things Star Wars. This time on Dagobah, I go over the curious case of director Josh Trank. Was he fired?

I have a bad feeling about this – So something’s up with Josh Trank. On the last Dagobah Day, I shrugged his no-show at SWCA off as simply him being ill (which he actually did tweet that he was). Now, I chose to believe in him. The same guy who is doing the risky Fantastic Four film. But now? Well, Josh Trank is no longer doing a Star Wars Anthology Film.

Right. So Josh Trank created Chronicle, a great low-budget superhero-film. I absolutely loved it, and, initally, I loved the choice of Josh Trank as Fantastic Four director. But then something strange happened. Not only did we start hearing troubling things about the Fox superhero film in terms of plot (which I noted back in January), but also we started hearing of behind-the-scenes drama.

This is what supposedly happened: Supposed crewmen, or folks in the know, started saying that Josh Trank was showing up late on set, and at times he was even “high” – apparently Trank treated “the crew terribly”, and trashed “the house the production company rented for him.” Critics and film journalists started the word-of-mouth, and suddenly no one trusted the new Fox film.

We did eventually see a couple of trailers, with the first one being generic. It obviously didn’t look as bad as it sounded, but then this odd thing happened at SWCA. He was supposed to do a panel with Gareth Edwards (which coincidentally was the reason for me to create Dagobah Day), but he was a no-show. They said he was ill, he said he had the flu. No one truly believed it, though. If you had heard about the Fantastic Four problems, then you would start to speculate.

Look, Fantastic Four isn’t doomed (pun intended), but you can’t blame anyone for thinking that it is – not anymore. Honestly? I think he was fired. What do I base this on? These rumors and the untimely nature of his no-show. This may all be nothing. Trank may be a good guy – with no fault in all of this. But…

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that he was fired, they’re reporting that all the rumors are true – according to their sources. They are even reporting that Simon Kinberg, producer of both the Trank Spin-off and Fantastic Four, had voiced his displeasure to Lucasfilm.

Rumors are just rumors, sources can be wrong. But one thing’s for sure, studios are going to believe parts of this. He might’ve already pissed off Disney and Fox – and I doubt anyone would be willing to give him another franchise anytime soon.

Still though – I’m certain Disney, Lucasfilm, and Kathleen Kennedy are going to find a great director for the second Anthology Film. I’m thinking Alex Garland, Damien Chazelle, or Matthew Vaughn.

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