Star Wars Celebration Predictions 2017 – Dagobah Day #30

Over the next couple of days, Star Wars is being celebrated. Star Wars Celebration is happening in Orlando, Florida, and we are probably going to get the first trailer for The Last Jedi as well as some big announcements for the future of the franchise. Today’s Dagobah Day post is about trying to predict the answers to some questions I have about Star Wars Celebration.

Will George Lucas be at the 40 Years of Star Wars panel? I don’t think we know that for sure yet, but I really hope he is a part of the panel. He is the creator and we wouldn’t have any of this without him. He deserves a standing ovation.

But will he be there? I think so. I mean, I think there is a strong chance that they’re going to be re-releasing some or all of the Star Wars films in select U. S. theaters in May. I guess there is also a chance that they’ll be re-releasing the pre-Special Edition versions of the original trilogy. If they plan on doing that, though, Lucas would be the right guy to announce it to the world.

Why is Hayden Christensen at the 40 Years of Star Wars panel? Because Hayden Christensen is a big part of Star Wars, and because they are going to celebrate the history of Star Wars. I also think Christensen could be a part of future Star Wars films, seeing as Lucas added him to Return of the Jedi as the Anakin Skywalker force ghost. Maybe they’ll actually announce that he’s going to be in The Last Jedi or Episode IX.

Are we going to get any movie announcements? I think this is very likely, and it will probably happen during the 40 Years of Star Wars panel. I could totally imagine Kathleen Kennedy saying something like: “And here are our plans for the next 40 years of Star Wars.”

I think this is the right moment for us to finally know the title of the untitled young Han Solo film (I personally think that The Falcon: A Star Wars Story or Kessel Run: A Star Wars Story would be great titles for that movie).

Maybe they’ll finally announce the bounty hunter movie that there’ve been so many rumors about. Personally, I’m hoping that Ewan McGregor is a surprise guest during the panel, and that Lucasfilm announce that we are getting the Obi-Wan solo film that we all want.

When will we get the trailer for The Last JediI definitely think there’s a chance that we’ll already get the trailer during the 40 Years of Star Wars panel, seeing as I do believe they’ll look ahead as well during that panel. But what would they then show at the panel for The Last Jedi? So, the first trailer should be released during The Last Jedi panel. Oh and hopefully Luke will ignite his old green lightsaber in it.

What are you looking forward to during Star Wars Celebration? Sound off in the comments.

– Jeffrey Rex

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