What is Rogue One? – Dagobah Day #1

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Dagobah Day is a new recurring opinion piece / news post on all things Star Wars. This time on Dagobah, I’m taking a look at the Rogue One details we got yesterday – should we be confident?

Sweet Jabba – Thank God for Disney! Since acquiring Lucasfilm, Disney has wasted no time making money, while making fans happy and satiated. At the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Spin-Off panel on Sunday, Kathleen Kennedy and Co. revealed details for Gareth Edwards’ spin-off film Star Wars: Rogue One. First, however, we got one little side note to report: The spin-off films are called Anthology Films! I like it.

That’s the basic log line of Rogue One. A Star Wars heist film, absolutely perfect. These details had been rumored months ago, I believe – but having confirmation is absolutely awesome. Gareth Edwards brought some teaser footage, which is to say it’s just a teaser and not shots from the movie, and some people supposedly have video of it online, if you’re interested.


This will also, supposedly, be the first Star Wars feature film featuring no Jedi – seeing as it takes place between Episode III and IV (i.e. after Order 66). I love the log line, and I like the fact that there won’t be any Jedi in the movie. Hopefully, we’ll see some new characters in stead of a new actor as Han Solo or something like that. We do know that Felicity Jones will be playing a Rebel soldier, which should be great. Loved her in Theory of Everything.

But what about the director? Can we trust him? I vote yes. Though his Godzilla did disappoint me, I was pleasantly surprised by his Monsters. But the most important thing to me here is that this guy is a huge Star Wars-fan.

Still no news on the Josh Trank Anthology Film, and people are already speculating that he and Lucasfilm have had a falling out. I doubt it, though – he probably just has the flu or something.

By the way – the next Star Wars Celebration is in London. What do you say fellow Europeans?

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