Marvelous Monday #14 – Questions For ‘Age of Ultron’

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday - 14
On Wednesday, the 22nd of April, I’ll be seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron in Taastrup, Denmark, and I cannot wait. So for this week’s Marvelous Monday I’ve chosen to highlight the questions I have about this film going in. Think of it as some sort of preview.

How important is Claudia Kim’s character? I’ve seen people list her as Dr. Helen Cho, which should make some people think about Amadeus Cho. She could just be a throwaway character to make fans giddy with excitement, but who knows – she might be more important than we initially thought.

What’s the fallout of the Hulkbuster battle? If there’s any reason for Planet Hulk to be made, it’s because of Hulk acting out like this. Marvel Studios does not hold the distribution rights, though – so maybe it won’t lead to anything like that. But who knows, Hulk surely is too dangerous – at the very least, he might be the reason for Civil War in the MCU.

What’s up with the flashbacks? So, in the trailers and tv spots people have noticed how it seems like Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff both have flashbacks in this film. And if Laura Barton is also in this film, Hawkeye might even get a flashback. Is this all Scarlet Witch’s doing?

How important are the Maximoffs? We’ve seen shots of them here and there, but just how important are Pietro and Wanda? Wanda sure seems important, but Pietro is the odd man out for me.

Can it top The Avengers? See here’s the thing, people will expect it to. The first Avengers-film was amazing, but the first sequel tends to be bad – with Winter Soldier being a notable exception.

Does any Avenger die? This could very well be, something’s got to make Steve and Tony mad at each other – and this could be it.

Now, let’s predict something. Don’t worry, I don’t know anything you don’t, not yet. So this is just speculation, predictions, and potential spoilers.

  1. Someone Dies – I’m not just talking about the main villain, though. My money’s on Rhodey, Quicksilver, or Nick Fury.
  2. Someone Else Than Thor Will Wield Mjolnir.
  3. Box Office – Will make at least $1 billion overseas (i.e. outside of the U.S. & Canada).
  4. Box Office – Will make at least $1.7 billion worldwide.

Are you excited for Age of Ultron? What do you want from it? When are you seeing it?

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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