Trailer Recap/Review: Captain America – Civil War (Trailer #2)

Yesterday, Marvel Studios released the second full length trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which begins the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the very end we got a nice surprise, but there was so much more to the trailer. So, watch the trailer – and come back to discuss the trailer with me!

First off, I want to say that there’s much more to this trailer than Spider-Man. I love Spider-Man, he’s been a favorite of mine forever, but there is so much more here. So, let’s get to it. We start off with some shots that we’ve been expecting, and some that we’ve seen parts of in the first trailer. General Ross is showing Cap and the New Avengers the damage they’ve done.

I really like how Cap notices that Scarlet Witch is getting emotional over the events of Age of Ultron, and this entire scene does a good job of really explaining what side Tony Stark is standing on. The heroes need to be put in check, as Stark puts it.

Civil War Trailer - 1

At 0:52 we get our first look at what I presume is the MCU version of Prison 42. Basically, the prison is designed to house heroes and villains that have stepped out of line in some way, shape, or form. Prison 42 is very different in the comics, but that’s mainly due to Marvel not holding the rights to stuff like ‘the negative zone’. This is basically a mixture of Prison 42 and The Raft. I like the look of the MCU version. It has this foreboding look to it. Very cool.

Civil War - Trailer 2

At 0:56, we see Tony inside the prison, first staring at the cells and then looking down. I’ve singled this shot out because I think it might take place at the end of the film. Maybe Tony once again realizes that he screwed up. Maybe someone died, maybe he just locked a friend up. Something’s bugging Tony.

Civil War Trailer - 3

At 1:16, we see War Machine going down… They’re really implying that he’s going to die, which makes me think that he won’t. Movie trailer logic, I guess. If this is somehow linked to Bucky, as the trailer implies, it could be enough for Stark to become very angry. Remember, Bucky has done a lot of terrible stuff – especially to Tony’s family. You can’t blame Tony for holding a grudge.

Civil War Trailer - 4

I’m jumping ahead a bit here, but basically we see and hear a lot of what we’ve been promised. Cap and Tony have had a falling out after disagreeing on an important issue. They take it too far, and people are caught in the crossfire. But this is really cool shot. Black Panther is being fired upon whilst battling Winter Soldier. Black Panther gets hit, turns around as if someone just poked him. This doesn’t faze him.

Civil War Trailer - 5

This is so cool. A lot of people said that Team Iron Man was overpowered due to Vision. Looks like a lot of people forgot about Scarlet Witch. Now, in the comics, these two people end up in a relationship – so this is a really cool and weird shot for fans to see.

Civil War Trailer - 6

When I saw this in the trailer, I screamed: “They’re putting it in the trailer?!” This is taken straight from the comics, and is so freaking cool. There’s no other way to put it. I will say, though, that this would’ve been much cooler to see in the movie for the first time (as would the Spidey-scene), but I don’t think they’re showing more than we could have guessed would happen. Only two very cool shots for fans to gush over.

Civil War Trailer - 7

This is so heartbreaking. This trailer has given fans an opportunity to see why Stark believes in control, and why Cap believes in freedom. I, as a civilian, would obviously side with Tony Stark, but this is awful to see. “I can do this all day.” They are, of course, referencing the scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where Steve Rogers, pre-super-soldier-serum, has to fight off a bully, essentially. Cap, though, looks really exhausted here. This is going to be so tough to watch… I can’t wait.

Civil War Trailer - 8

The moment I screamed: “OH MY GOD!” – I had to put that picture in this post. I hope you understand. *THWIP!*

Hey Everyone

The one we’ve all been waiting for. I’ve got to tell you, this is a dream come true. Not only is Peter Parker in the MCU. But we get to see Spider-Man with Cap’s shield… This is so freaking cool. It’s all I’ve ever wanted from the Marvel/Sony deal. I love this so freaking much. And I’ve heard people criticize the suit/costume. I get that some might be bothered by the look, which is to say the CGI-feel of the costume. I’ve got to be honest, though: it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t know if they’re all done with the VFX or not, but I think the CGI is fine. This isn’t anywhere close to the terrible Green Lantern CGI-job.

Now, I really like the streamlined and clean nature of the suit. I think Tony made this for Parker. Look at the eyes, they zoom almost like camera lenses – a teenager can’t do that. I like this a lot. I’ve also heard that a lot of people were bothered by the very young voice. I’m sorry to have to break this to you, but Peter Parker is a teenager in the best stories. They just decided to have an age appropriate actor play the part finally.

All in all, I thought this was an awesome trailer, which gave us three very cool character shots: Black Panther’s suit, Ant-Man’s Hawkeye-connection, and the Spider-Man reveal. But this trailer was more than that. It legitimizes why the people on Team Iron Man would side with Stark. It explains why we’d want Stark to take control with the government beside him. An awesome trailer.

What did you think about the trailer? Sound off in the comments!

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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