REVIEW: Flaked – Season One (2016)

Flaked Reviewed

The following is a season review of Flaked, a Netflix Original Series.

Flaked, the newest Netflix Original Series, follows Chip (played by Will Arnett), a recovering alcoholic, in the streets of Venice, California. We see how Chip handles his addiction, interacts with other addicts, and tries to get his love life in check. Is it anything special? Not really. But I really wanted it to be. 

This first season of Flaked consists of only 8 episodes, and while I think a lot of Netflix shows should cut a couple of episodes out of the usual 13-episode seasons, I’m not sure a lot of people will end up getting through the 8 half-an-hour episodes, but the fourth episode, Palms, may end up giving you reason to do so.

I’ll go as far as saying I didn’t care for this show as much as I would’ve liked to. If you like what they’re doing after having seen the first half of the season, then I suspect you and I will have different conclusions at the end of the season. I will say that I liked what I was seeing at times, but it wasn’t enough for me to really champion the show. So if you love it, then I’m happy for you. But there is a piece of dialogue from the first episode (“Westminster”) that gives a perfect example of the lackadaisical attitude and feel of the show. Will Arnett’s character asks a girl he’s been seeing out to see a stand-up show. She answers: “I don’t really like comedy.” To which he replies: “Well, then you’ll love this.”

I didn’t love what the writers were going for with this show, and I really wish I would have, because I really like Will Arnett. I doubt that this show will find a lot of success, but I will say that there is a lot of potential in both the setting and the main characters. If this show, somehow, finds an audience, then I hope the show improves. Because I really want to see Will Arnett find success on a great live-action show again. Maybe Arnett should just stick with the excellent BoJack Horseman-show.

Speaking of BoJack Horseman, which, in spite of its humor, can be a pretty sad show; I would say that Flaked is like BoJack Horseman, only without the solid humor, and the funny, anthropomorphic characters. However, Will Arnett probably ended up being my favorite part of the show. He’s the reason why I managed to get through the season without canceling the full season review. I will say, though, that David Sullivan kept me interested as well. The fourth episode, Palms, is probably the standout episode of the season (at least, to me), and Sullivan is a huge reason why that is.

Flaked has a tendency to feel straight up pointless. It is in these moments that the dry humor only hurts the show. What little I got out of the very short first season of Flaked, tells me that this is a feel-bad dramedy, which isn’t as funny as I would’ve liked it to be. However, there are moments that steal your attention – a heart-warming moment, huge twists (some very predictable, some not) – if they keep you interested, then I think you could get something out of the show.


– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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