The Force Awakens Official Trailer (Trailer Review/Reaction) – Dagobah Day #6

This might be my favorite trailer of the year. While it didn’t have the incredible “Chewie, we’re home” moment, it did make me tear up – while not really revealing anything about the story. A masterful trailer. Let’s now look at the most important shots in the trailer!


0:17 – This, to me, is the breakout star of this trailer. This trailer makes her seem, not just important, but interesting – and, other than the original trilogy cast and Poe Dameron, she might be the character I’m most excited about. This is a really cool shot to open on, not unlike how they opened one of the teasers with Finn in the stormtrooper outfit on Jakku.


Here we see Rey inside what looks to be the Star Destroyer on Jakku. Then we hear Maz Kanata (or, at least I think that’s her) asking who she is, and Rey stating: “I’m no one.” Rey just feels like a Luke-type of character, and part of me really wants her to be his daughter.


Then we jump to 0:43 where we see a First Order Tie Fighter being shot down. My best guess is that that is Finn’s Tie Fighter, and that is why he is panting in one of the teasers.


Now, this is obviously Kylo Ren… But go back to 0:17. We’ve got Rey in the light mask, and Kylo in the dark mask. Now, this could just symbolize that they’re polar opposites – or it could mean that they are possibly related. Reading into things? Sure.


Here we see Oscar Isaac, as Poe Dameron, seemingly being tortured by Kylo Ren – very reminiscent of Han Solo being tortured in Empire Strikes Back.


This is the moment that made me tear up. Han didn’t believe in the stories in the original trilogy, now he’s the one passing the torch.


Now, this looks like what could be the Knights of Ren.


Not a lot to say here, I just noticed the Mandalorian logo on one of the banners (in the middle). Strange.

TFA 10

Rey’s crying over someone, it seems. I think that one of the main characters has been killed or badly injured and either a villain is taking off, or someone’s coming to the rescue.

TFA 11

This is going to be the fan favorite shot of the trailer. Beautiful. We needed this shot.

TFA 12

This is the final shot of the trailer, and it’s been teased for quite a while. Finn is holding the blue saber, but now Kylo is attacking him, without his helmet no less, and Finn just looks terrified. This could end badly.

Once again, I absolutely love this trailer. And I know people will continue to ask “Where’s Luke?”, but there’s a reason why he’s not directly shown in the trailer, and I think it’s because finding Luke is a huge part of the plot.

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