Q and A

Star Trek and Stuff – Q and A


This Sunday Q&A post focuses on select questions about Star Trek and – well – other science fiction franchises. What’s my favorite Star Trek series, do I love Star Trek? Feel free to give your own answers in the comments. Let’s get to it. (more…)


Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination


When I woke up today, I was informed that about a week ago, I was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by Monday Morning Movie Quarterback. So, thank you very much, buddy! He and I had some great discussions about the Raimi Spider-Man films recently, and it’s great to hear that he enjoyed those discussions as well.

Okay, so, for the first ten minutes, or so, after I was notified of the nomination’s existence I was left wondering what a Sunshine Blogger Award was. Basically – it seems – that it’s a way for bloggers to give you a ‘pat on the back’ for the creative and positive writing you’ve done.

Desert Island – Q and A

Desert Island - Q&A

Stranded on a desert island. One of the classic conversation starter scenarios. Today, I am going to answer four questions about that kind of situation, in the first ‘Sunday Q&A-post’ ever on this blog. Feel free to give your own answers in the comments. Let’s get to it.