Marvel vs DC – Q and A

MarvelvDC - Q and A

I don’t normally like doing this, but, in this week’s Sunday Q&A, I’m going to pit Marvel and DC against each other. The best characters, comics, whatnot. Feel free to answer the questions in the comments below. Let’s get to it.

  • If you could only keep one of these two supergroups, which would you keep: The Avengers or Justice League?

The Avengers. Easily. And I say that even though I adore the Justice League animated series. The thing is, I think that characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor – even though I love their solo films and standalone comic books – get more interesting than the Justice League does when they team-up. I feel like characters like the Flash, Superman, and Batman can feel watered down when they are forced to team-up. Especially Batman and Superman work best on their own, in my opinion. But we’ll have to see if the Justice League movie changes my opinion.

  • Which ‘American’ hero do you prefer – Captain America or Superman?

Okay, so, if you had asked me this back when Smallville was on television, then I probably would have said Superman. I did read Superman comics when I was a kid, and I loved Smallville. But as I’ve previously mentioned on this blog, I’ve fallen out of love with the Man of Steel. On the other hand, though, Marvel Studios has made me fall in love with a character I never really loved. Steve Rogers is my guy.

  • What sidekick do you prefer – Bucky Barnes or Dick Grayson?

Dick Grayson, always. Always my Robin. Always Nightwing. Dick Grayson is one of my favorite DC characters. Sorry Bucky, but this wasn’t even close.

  • The battle of the billionaires – Iron Man or Batman?

I’d probably say Downey, Jr.’s performance has made this question closer than it probably ever should be. But Batman is obviously the better hero. If this question specifically was about Stark and Wayne, then I’d probably answer Stark. But behind their masks, Batman is easily the better character.

– Jeffrey Rex

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