Reaction to the 68th Primetime Emmys – Testing Television #6


In this month’s Testing Television, I’m focusing on the big categories of the 68th Primetime Emmys. Since this is an Emmy special I won’t be going over television news, but the spotlight television show is a true Emmy darling, and the first animated show I’m writing about in spotlight!

Topic Talk Testing Television

  • Reaction to the winners of the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards.

“Please tell me you’re seeing this, too.” – Rami Malek

Okay, so I’ve been pretty excited for the Emmys for a while now. Outside of the Oscars and the BAFTA film awards, the Emmys is probably the awards show I pay the most attention to. I feel like this year had a good mix of surprises and obvious winners, and let’s start with the surprises.

I’m super surprised that Ben Mendelsohn won for Bloodline this year. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been great in that show – but season one was the one he should be recognized for, and tonight he won for his performance in the second season.

I was also pretty surprised that Dame Maggie Smith won for Downton Abbey. I had a feeling that show would win something, but this is getting ridiculous. Smith just won another Emmy, but she never shows up to accept an Emmy award. I feel like Smith won this year, because the three Game of Thrones actresses in the category split the vote.

The biggest surprise of the night was that Tatiana Maslany won for her performance(s) in Orphan Black. I still need to watch the most recent season, but I’m happy for her. She definitely deserves it. The best category of the night – Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series – was really tough to predict. But I’m happy Rami Malek was recognized for his performance in the first season of Mr Robot.

No one was surprised that Jeffrey Tambor and Julia Louis-Dreyfus won again (deservedly so), and I think everyone was expecting Game of Thrones and Veep to take the two big awards of the night. My only real problem with the Emmys this year is that Better Call Saul didn’t get any awards. That show doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Finally, let’s talk about the writing and directing awards. I feel like Miguel Sapochnik had to win for his “The Battle of the Bastards” episode, which was the highlight of the excellent sixth season of Game of Thrones. I don’t however, think the episode should have won for writing. I feel like Sam Esmail deserved that award for the Mr Robot pilot.

I’m super happy that Susanne Bier got a win for The Night Manager, which I was hoping for but wasn’t expecting at all. Also, I’m happy that Master of None got to win something – and it was probably the right thing it won for. Ansari and Yang won for writing the episode “Parents,” which is probably the most memorable episode of the first season.

Testing Television Spotlight

  • Title: The SimpsonsCreated by: Matt Groening – Length: Still in progress (1989-) – Network: Fox.

The Simpsons – the longest-running animated American series – has won more than thirty Emmy awards, and it is older than I am. It may not be as good today, as it once was. But every show wants the name recognition that Matt Groening’s yellow-colored creation has gotten.

It’s such a quotable show, with so many memorable incidents, and more than ten iconic characters. Everyone knows who the Simpsons are and what the show is all about.

– Jeffrey Rex

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