Uncharted: The Movie – Casting #1

CASTING - Who Should Play Who?

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Uncharted is one of the most beloved Sony PlayStation video game franchises of all-time. It is incredibly cinematic, and it definitely should become a movie, or a series of movies, one day in the future. But before the movie studio starts to pick who should play Nathan Drake, let’s beat them to the punch. Who should be in the cast for an Uncharted: The Movie.

Columbia Pictures have been trying to get this film made for quite a while, and we’ve had a lot of important people attached to the role. Chris Pratt, Nathan Fillion, and Mark Wahlberg were all reportedly eyeing, or being considered for, the role, and David O. Russell, Neil Burger, and Seth Gordon have all been attached to direct the film. At this point, who even knows if it’ll ever be made?

Now, one of the questions you always have to answer when you adapt a video game franchise, is whether or not you base the story on one of the games. I don’t think you’ll see a direct adaptation, but I think it’ll be a mixture of stories from the video games, the various characters, and a new direction for them to go in. This isn’t all clear, though, so I won’t be casting an antagonist here.


Nate and Elena
Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher
  • Nathan Drake – Protagonist.
  • Elena Fisher.
  • Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.
  • Charlie Cutter.
  • Jeff.

So, you absolutely have to have Sully, Elena, and Nathan in the film, every other character is up for debate though. I’d like to see Cutter in an Uncharted film, and I’d love to see Jeff the cameraman have a very small part in the film, simply as Elena’s cameraman. We don’t need Jeff or Cutter, but I think their inclusion would please the fan-base.


Jake Johnson as Lowery
Jake Johnson in ‘Jurassic World.’
  • Jake Johnson – Nathan Drake.
  • Amber Heard – Elena Fisher.
  • Jeff Bridges – Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.
  • Corey Stoll – Charlie Cutter.
  • Adam Pally – Jeff.

Chris Pratt was the first of this generation of actors to really break out of comedy television and become a blockbuster action star. Jake Johnson deserves to follow him in his footsteps. Nathan Drake is really funny, and Jake Johnson could add that humor to the character.

I think he has the talent to bring it as Nathan Drake. Also, look up some pictures of Johnson, he kind of looks like Nathan. I know it’s a very different choice for Drake, but I really feel like Johnson could work. Another cool choice to play Drake would be Colin Farrell.

I was really impressed with Heard in The Danish Girl, and I’ve been a big fan of Jeff Bridges for a while. I think both of them would be perfect for the parts. Stoll and Pally both look like the parts I’d like to see them play. Pally even played a cameraman in Iron Man 3.


Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper in ‘The Hangover.’
  • Bradley Cooper – Nathan Drake.
  • Scarlett Johansson – Elena Fisher.
  • William Hurt – Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.
  • Jason Statham – Charlie Cutter.
  • Nick Kroll – Jeff.

Now, these are the safe choices. People will show up if Johansson and Cooper are the lead characters, and if Statham is in it, then you can probably expect it to be a financial hit if the movie is any good. I think William Hurt may be the best fit for Sully, and Kroll would be a fun Jeff.

Who should play Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie? Sound off in the comments.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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