REVIEW: Barry – Season Three (2022)

Bill Hader is the titular character in HBO’s dark comedy BARRY — PHOTO: Merrick Morton / HBO..

I’ve long been a fan of HBO’s Barry. When it first came out, I reviewed the first handful of episodes and I was blown away. Although I haven’t always had the time to write about the show due to life getting in the way, it has remained one of my favorite shows on television over the last several years. However, it feels like so long ago that season two of Barry ended. When the third season of Barry was finally released on HBO and HBO Max, it had been more than three years since the second season ended. Admittedly, I wondered if the show could still hook me in and if what it was aiming for would still work. And I was happy to find out that HBO’s Barry, led by Bill Hader, is still knocking it out of the park.

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IJR Awards 2019: Nominations – Television, Games, etc.

Today, I am revealing the first half of the 2019 nominations for my blog’s awards (I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards [IJR Awards]). The nominations that I will reveal today concern the television, video games, superhero, and music categories. The second half of the nominations — the film categories — will be revealed at some point in early February, so that I am able to watch some of the Oscarworthy films that won’t be released in Denmark until the beginning of 2020. Continue reading “IJR Awards 2019: Nominations – Television, Games, etc.”

REVIEW: IT – Chapter Two (2019)

Theatrical Release Poster – Warner Bros. Pictures

The following is a review of IT: Chapter Two — Directed by Andy Muschietti.

It would be an understatement to say that Andy Muschietti’s IT (2017) was a great success. Successfully building on audiences’ relationship with the 1990s mini-series, novel, or creature design, IT went on to become the highest-grossing Stephen King adaptation and the highest-grossing horror film in North American box office history (not adjusted for inflation). Therefore, naturally, expectations for the adaptation of the second ‘half’ of the 1000-page long clown-focused King novel were through the roof. Ultimately, although I don’t think the second chapter lives entirely up to the frightening but charming first film, IT: Chapter Two finds much more success in depicting the grown-up half of the novel than the mini-series did, and, even though I have notable problems with the film, I’m mostly satisfied with how this oversized crowdpleaser wrapped up the story. Continue reading “REVIEW: IT – Chapter Two (2019)”

Golden Globes Predictions: Winners – Special Features #41

It’s time to get ready for the first major awards show of 2019 — The Golden Globe Awards. Though not at all as prestigious as the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes ceremony is known all around the globe as the major American precursor to the Oscars. Today, I’ll give out my own predictions for the ceremony which is being held this weekend. Continue reading “Golden Globes Predictions: Winners – Special Features #41”

Top Ten TV-Shows of 2018

The New Golden Age of Television continued in 2018 with yet another great year of television. This must be reiterated year after year — yes, even in a year without Game of Thrones — 2018 continued that age, or trend, in which television is as effective as, or even more so than, cinema. For some, television of 2018 is defined best by the return of the increasingly confounding Westworld, and, for others like me, it is best defined by limited series that kept my attention far better than most long-running shows. Continue reading “Top Ten TV-Shows of 2018”

6th I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards, Part One – 2018

It’s the final day of 2018. What that means is that it is time to reveal the first half of my personal 2018 awards winners. This list will honor what I consider to be the best in song, heroics, and television. To see a complete of the nominees, click here. Also, do remember that the film nominations will be revealed in early 2019. Continue reading “6th I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards, Part One – 2018”

IJR Awards 2018: Nominations, Part One of Two

Today I’m revealing the first half of the 2018 nominations for this blog’s IJR Awards (I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards, but you probably already guessed that). The two legend awards (Film Legend and TV Legend) aren’t getting any nominees, instead, I’ll reveal the winners, or honorees, in the two upcoming IJR Awards 2018-posts. Continue reading “IJR Awards 2018: Nominations, Part One of Two”

REVIEW: Barry – “Chapter Five: Do Your Job”

The following is a review of the fifth episode of HBO’s Barry — Created by Bill Hader & Alec Berg.

In the fifth episode of HBO’s new half-hour dark comedy show Barry — Chapter Five: Do Your Job — the title character (played by Bill Hader) feels guilty and cornered at acting class, Fuches (played by Stephen Root) orders Barry to take out his new acquaintance, and the acting class pushes back against Sally (played by Sarah Goldberg). Continue reading “REVIEW: Barry – “Chapter Five: Do Your Job””

REVIEW: Barry – “Chapter Four: Commit… To You”

The following is a review of the third episode of HBO’s Barry — Created by Bill Hader & Alec Berg.

In the fourth episode of HBO’s new half-hour dark comedy show Barry — Chapter Four: Commit… To You — the title character (played by Bill Hader) overthinks his relationships with the aspiring actor Sally (played by Sarah Goldberg), Fuches (played by Stephen Root) tries to pull Barry back into the violent and risky life of a hitman, and Gene Cousineau (played by Henry Winkler) goes on a date with Detective Moss (played by Paula Newsome).
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REVIEW: Barry – “Chapter Three: Make The Unsafe Choice”

The following is a review of the third episode of HBO’s Barry — Created by Bill Hader & Alec Berg.

In the third episode of HBO’s new half-hour dark comedy show BarryChapter Three: Make The Unsafe Choice — the title character (played by Bill Hader) waits for a DHL package to arrive so that he can take out his target. Meanwhile, the Chechens have sent for a legendary assassin to kill Barry and Fuches (played by Stephen Root), and Sally (played by Sarah Goldberg) auditions for a TV show.
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