REVIEW: Taboo – “Shovels and Keys”

FX Poster - Taboo
FX Poster – Taboo

The following is a quick review of the first episode of Taboo – Directed by Kristoffer Nyholm

In Taboo, we meet James Keziah Delaney (played by Tom Hardy) who has returned to London in 1814. Delaney is back because his father has passed away, but his return isn’t a welcomed sight.

So, if you had walked up to me and asked: “Are you excited about Taboo?” Then I would need you to explain to me that it was what I called the ‘Tom Hardy-show.’ Sure, I was excited about it, mainly because of his involvement in it. Actually, I was planning to review Taboo every week it was on. But then I watched the show.

I actually thought the first episode was pretty boring. And I don’t like using that word, to be honest with you. While Tom Hardy and Oona Chaplin hold my attention everything around them both just fell apart for me. Taboo is slow-paced, grimy and dark, and I’m not sure how FX is going to get people to care about this show.

The whole show just seems so sure of itself, but all the confidence in the world won’t save a show that inadvertently tries just as hard to lose the audience as it does to make its lead character mysterious. There are some good things about this show, and I want to like it as much as I like Tom Hardy.

But it’s not easy to like Taboo, it’s just not fun to watch. Some might say that “the show just isn’t for you,” and, sure, maybe that’s just it. And if you like it, then I’m happy for you. In any case, I think there are plenty better shows on television right now.

As of right now, I’m not sure if I’ll continue to review the show or not. I’ll check the next episode out, but right now I’m extremely disappointed and unimpressed with the first show I thought would be must-watch television.


– Jeffrey Rex

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