REACTION: Doctor Strange – IMAX Preview

IMAX Preview Screen

On Tuesday night, I was in Copenhagen to watch the 15-minute IMAX preview presentation of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. It was a real experience, so I thought I’d tell you about it. Honestly, Doctor Strange looks incredible, and if you attended a screening of these 15 minutes then you’d be convinced. Cinematographer Ben Davis wasn’t lying when he called this Marvel’s Fantasia.

Now, this isn’t the post you are looking for if you want every single detail. That’s not what I want to do here. But, I will tell you about a few scenes that really grabbed ahold of me, and there will be some spoilers. Now, this preview was pretty fantastic, and I will say that some of the things Marvel has in store for us are out of this world – literally and figuratively.

It starts off with the origin of Doctor Strange. You get to see him at work, you see him with Rachel McAdams’ character. And then you see the accident. That was very violent, and I dug it. The accident itself is predictable, but I did feel shocked by how violent it felt and looked.

Then the preview moved on to his first encounter with Tilda Swinton – the Ancient One. Strange questions her here, and just as he is about to storm out, she sends him on quite a ‘trip.’ Now, the next sequence was absolutely breathtaking. It was impressive, incredible, and, most of all, spectacular.

Strange is launched out into space, before then being sent into other dimensions. You see some of this sequence in the ‘Universes Within‘ featurette that Marvel just released (the shattering of the glass). This is just one of the great shots we got to see in IMAX:

From "Universes Within"
From “Universes Within”

That sequence really was the highlight of the IMAX preview presentation. You got to see something out of this world. The most spectacular thing I had ever seen on a theater screen. Just as trippy as you would want. There’s also this very scary scene where the tips of his fingers became small hands and then Strange went inside an eye. Mindblowing stuff, really.

Then, as I was catching my breath, they switched to a scene where Strange met with Wong for the first time. You may have heard about this scene before. Strange basically asks if his name is just ‘Wong,’ like Adele or Bono. Wong doesn’t find him amusing. Fun little scene.

At this point, I was still catching my breath after the crazy sequence that preceded Wong’s scene. After that, it became very much like a big trailer. Different scenes from different places in the film.

There were more different dimension scenes, some scenes with Mads Mikkelsen’s character, some combat, I think they might’ve shown the most well-known Strange villain (but I’m not certain), and we even got to see Stan Lee’s cameo. Don’t worry, I would never spoil Stan Lee’s cameo. Never. I will, however, tell you that I liked it.

And that’s pretty much it. A visually impressive 15-minute long preview of Doctor Strange that blew me away – that took my breath away – that was absolutely spellbinding. Now, will the overall film be as good? Well, we’ll see. I’ll be seeing the film at the end of October when it’s released in Europe. I couldn’t be more excited.

– Jeffrey Rex

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