REVIEW: The Ides of March (2011)

Release Poster - Columbia Pictures
Release Poster – Columbia Pictures

The following is a quick review of George Clooney’s The Ides of March

George Clooney’s The Ides of March – which is based on Beau Willimon’s play Farragut North – follows Stephen Meyers (played by Ryan Gosling), a junior campaign manager for a Democratic presidential candidate, Governor Mike Morris (played by George Clooney).

Meyers is a very talented and respected campaign manager who is sought after by Morris’ competing campaign, which is managed by Tom Duffy (played by Paul Giamatti). But when Meyers makes a critical mistake, his loyalty is brought into question.

The cast in The Ides of March is spectacular. In my story outline above, I only mentioned three key characters. Clooney, Giamatti, and, especially, Gosling all give great performances, but there are way more solid performances here. Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays Meyers’ superior, is great as always.

As is Marisa Tomei as a fun, but forceful, reporter for the New York Times. Evan Rachel Wood, who plays a really important intern, is a joy to watch here. Jeffrey Wright, who plays a Senator from North Carolina, is another familiar face who delivers a solid performance. No performance will let you down.

At the time of writing, The Ides of March is, easily, my favorite film that George Clooney has directed. I find it to be extremely entertaining from start to finish. You also sometimes end up with these really juicy political dramas that are too long to really rewatch. That isn’t the case here. The Ides of March is a juicy political drama, but the runtime is more than acceptable.

I do get, however, why some people dislike parts of the film. I do have some issues with the film. The Ides of March feels more like an extended pilot for a great political series than a film that stands on its own. This also means that the ending leaves you wanting more, but not in a good way.

It is, definitely, an unsatisfactory ending. That said, I do really enjoy this film. It’s fun to watch, and it feels very light – almost like a snack version of an amazing political drama.

8.4 out of 10

– Jeffrey Rex

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