REVIEW: Lethal Weapon – “Surf N Turf”


The following is a quick episode spoiler review of FOX’s Lethal Weapon. Available in Denmark on Viaplay.

In the second episode of FOX’s Lethal Weapon, the Murtaughs are trying to figure out if Riggs (played by Clayne Crawford) can keep Roger (played by Damon Wayans) safe. Meanwhile, the police captain is annoyed with our two leads as they are causing a lot of damage on the job.

Once again, as is to be expected, the characters are what matter in the episode. I actually really liked Wayans a lot more in this episode than I did in the pilot episode. Crawford is still solid as Riggs, and the writers, once again, seemed to know what works for the show.

I really liked the beginning of the episode, where Riggs has washed up on shore. But that definitely wasn’t the best moment of the episode. No, the best moment of the episode was much sadder. Riggs is trying to sell his old house, and, at night, he decides to drink out his sorrows. Riggs gets himself beaten up in the best moment of the episode.

I’m still not on board with the flashbacks to his wife. I don’t think you need that to make her passing stand out more. It’s already impactful. The case of the week here wasn’t all that exciting either, but one thing did work. By making a pregnant woman the center of the case, you tie the case to Riggs’s emotions.

The worst part of – or element in – the episode was seeing Riggs and Murtaugh discussing what kind of duo they were, and who they were. Riggs and Murtaugh comparing themselves to Starsky and Hutch, for example, didn’t work too well.

You already have the most iconic buddy cop duo ever. I know that the writers were trying to have fun with the audience, but that wasn’t the right way to do it. Surf N Turf, sure, but don’t compare yourselves to other buddy cop characters.


– Jeffrey Rex

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