REVIEW: Lethal Weapon – “Best Buds”


The following is a quick episode spoiler review of FOX’s Lethal Weapon. Available in Denmark on Viaplay.

In the third episode of FOX’s Lethal Weapon, a case gets personal as Murtaugh’s (played by Damon Wayans) old training officer (played by Ted Levine) is hurt in a case involving the Cartel. Meanwhile, Riggs (played by Clayne Crawford) once again struggles with his grief.

I’ve mentioned before that the character relationships are the best things about this television series so far, and that is still true. But there’s one thing that can get old very soon if the writers keep on overdoing it every week. Riggs’s grief is extremely important to the character, and they need to return to that. But three weeks in a row maybe is a bit too much. It doesn’t have to play as big a part as it has done so far in every episode.

But I did enjoy this episode a fair bit, and I’ll tell you why. For once, the case of the week felt important and, actually, quite memorable. Getting the Cartel involved – even a little bit – seems like more than just a case of the week. The ending of the episode also made it seem like this case could return in the future.

Still, a part of me was a bit annoyed at times. Mainly because the comedy in this episode wasn’t all there. The best comedic moment in the episode might’ve been Riggs implying that Paco is a snitch, but that’s pretty much it. Riggs’s Lonnie, Donnie, and Ronnie joke was definitely in-character but fell flat for me. But it wasn’t the worst joke at all.

Cruz’s joke about Paco’s Chuy-tattoo was awful, and the on-going joke about what ‘here’ and ‘there’ means didn’t work for me either. So while this episode felt more important than the last two, the comedy didn’t work for me, and the grief-storyline is getting a bit overused.


– Jeffrey Rex

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