REVIEW: Blue Mountain State – The Rise of Thadland (2016)

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The following is a review of Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, available on iTunes now.

Give me a HELL! Give me a YEAH! – Spike’s cult comedy television show Blue Mountain State is back after having been brought back to life via crowd-funding. The BMS students are back to throw the biggest party in BMS history, in order to save the infamous Goat House. While the film, ultimately, is only mediocre, there is, however, a lot to love for loyal fans of the show. 

Blue Mountain State is a part of the gross-out comedy subgenre, which American Pie and Superbad also occupies. Sadly, The Rise of Thadland doesn’t come anywhere close to that level of quality. The new film follows Alex Moran (played by Darin Brooks), 1st String Quarterback, and Sammy Cacciatore (played by Chris Romano), football mascot, as they realize that they are entering their senior years of college. But some things are about to change, as the Dean reveals to our protagonists that the Goat House is to be auctioned off. The search for money leads the college football team back to their old captain, Thad Castle (played by Alan Ritchson), who agrees to buy them the Goat House back if they throw a giant party in his honor.

Whenever you get an opportunity to go from being a television show to having a full-length film, I strongly believe that you have to test your boundaries. This film gave the writers and the director an opportunity to go all-in, now they could, within reason, show all the skin they wanted to, be as vulgar as they wanted to, and I can assure you that they didn’t waste this opportunity.

Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland is as vulgar and graphic as the show’s loyal fans could have hoped. And that’s the thing, this film is only for the fans of the show. It isn’t a film you can expect anyone to watch, so it is perfectly understandable and expected that they would go the extra mile to give the fans one final party, which is as strange and crazy as you would expect from a party thrown in Thad’s honor.

“I mean I figured, what the hell. Matt Damon can buy a zoo, so can Thad Castle.”

Thad Castle is easily the best thing about this film. I’ve always liked Alan Ritchson’s character, and he is as silly as he has always been. The character’s interplay with Alex Moran is great as always, and that is what kept me watching the film. I wanted to see how the writers would end their relationship, if, indeed, this was the end of the Blue Mountain State-story, and I must say that I was left pleased with the ending. The soundtrack is great as well, even if I don’t recall ever hearing the original theme of the show.

But there isn’t much more good to say than that. The film is terribly paced. There’s no real build-up to the party, it just sort of happens out of the blue. I expected this film to be very much like the Entourage-film, but, instead, I felt that it was the exact opposite experience. I am not sure how they could make an entire new season of this show, if this was the content they had in mind. There wasn’t much of a story here, and what little it had wasn’t enough for a full-length film. It felt like the filmmakers didn’t understand how they could properly stretch the story out over the course of the film. Halfway through the film it just seemed like the story had run out of steam, and the only way to fix the film was to make it even more ridiculous.

However, I would recommend this film to fans. There were definitely moments in the film that I loved, but not nearly enough for me to give it a more positive review. Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland is a mediocre film, which continues the story of a cult comedy show, and, even though this film didn’t turn out as well as it could have, I would definitely love to see more from the Blue Mountain State-team, either in the form of another season or a new film.

5.5 out of 10

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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