MMXVI – This Is 2016


This post acts as a brief update in preparation for a new blog schedule. In this post I will prepare readers for what kind of posts are a part of 2016 on I’m Jeffrey Rex.


  • Box Office Predictions: Later today, the 1st of January, I’ll be releasing a somewhat nonchalant round of predictions, by predicting the 5 biggest opening weekends of 2016. Going forward Box Office Predictions will be a monthly segment on the blog, posting on the first Wednesday of every month. In Box Office Predictions, I’ll be predicting the opening weekends of major new releases in the month in question.
  • Dagobah Day: Starting on Monday the 4th of January, Dagobah Day will have a monthly post on the first Monday of the month.
  • Marvelous Monday: Due to insignificant returns and a personal burnout, Marvelous Monday will no longer be a weekly opinion piece. Like Dagobah Day and B.O.P. it’ll release once a month. On the second Monday of every month, starting on the 11th of January, Marvelous Monday posts.
  • The Collection: Starting on the 18th of January, The Collection will be a monthly post celebrating the best films of all-time. Each The Collection-post will contain one new film, trilogy, or the like that I consider to be a film/trilogy you must watch in your lifetime. On the third Monday of every month, you will get a new post and entry in The Collection.

As always, if you have anything specific you want me to answer on Dagobah Day, Marvelous Monday, or Box Office Predictions, then please sound off in the comments – and your question may show up in one of the recurring opinion posts.


  • Movie Reviews: Reviewing movies is still my number one passion on this blog. Nothing changes on this front.
  • Season Reviews: Better Call Saul, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, House of Cards, Bloodline, and Master of None will get season reviews once their next season has finished. I am currently looking at some new shows that might get review-attention on the blog, but nothing substantial to report on this front just yet.
  • Episode Reviews: Better Call Saul will definitely get episode reviews for the second season, as it still will be airing on Netflix Denmark after airing on AMC in the states. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will not be getting episode reviews, but you will probably see episode reviews for either House of Cards: Season 4 or Daredevil: Season 2.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope your new year will be a good one.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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