Marvelous Monday #24 – I’m Jeffrey Rex Recommends

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday 24

We’re about to start July, and thus everyone will be needing some reading material (unless you’re not into that kind of thing), so this week’s post is all about comic books! Obviously it’ll only cover Marvel Comics, so if you’re a DC guy or gal – just follow the Bat-family. Nevertheless, I’ve got 3 comic book series that I’ve enjoyed or am enjoying from Marvel Comics, which I am recommending today.

#1 – Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers/New Avengers run (77 issues, excluding events):

Avengers #1-3 Covers

Hickman’s amazingly written Avengers/New Avengers storyline is a must read for Marvel Comics fans; he gives you practically every character you would want in the Avengers team, he gives you a much better controversy for the team leaders to fight over than Civil War did, and he prepares you for the amazing Secret Wars-reset of the Marvel Universe.

This might take you the entire summer, though, but it is extremely important if you are to completely understand the current Secret Wars-event and Marvel-reset. By far my favorite Marvel Comics run in the last few years.

#2 – Nick Spencer’s Ant-Man (5 issues in the first arc)

Cover for Ant-Man #4

This is by far the most timely recommendation with the movie version of Ant-Man having been praised in the press, and the movie premiering for audiences around the world in two or three weeks. In the movie, we know that Scott Lang will be Ant-Man (he’s the second Ant-Man), and he is also the star of this comic book run.

Scott Lang is funny, and Spencer’s writing is perfectly witty. He isn’t on a cosmic scale, he isn’t really an Avenger here. In this run Scott Lang is simply a capable hero looking for a job, a hero looking to help his daughter. Heart-warming and fun story.

#3 – Marvel’s Star Wars [2015] (Currently at 6 issues)

Cover for Star Wars #1

I could’ve mentioned any of the other canon Marvel Comics Star Wars-stories, for most of them are very very good. Oh, I might add that Star Wars and Star Wars: Darth Vader are both following the same story. But the main storyline is just so good and heart-warming. There are some twists and turns that you might not instantly like, but I’m sure they’ll explain everything.

But this is canon, and do note that I’ve liked every issue I’ve read so far. You do have to have seen the original Star Wars-film to follow the story (and a greater knowledge of the entire franchise will help you), though.

What comics are you going to read this summer? Sound off in the comments.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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