Ranking Jurassic-Characters

Jurassic Ranking

The following is a ranking of the top 10 characters in the Jurassic Park-Franchise

Seeing as Jurassic World is breaking all of the box office records none of us thought could be broken by a fourth entry in a franchise that has been silent since 2001, I decided to make my own list of the very best characters in the Jurassic-Franchise.

Do note that no dinosaurs will be mentioned, as they – quite frankly – would dominate any list that included them. Don’t worry, no significant spoilers for Jurassic World will be revealed in this post – just in case someone out there didn’t see the blockbuster.

#10 – Claire Dearing – Jurassic World – Played by Bryce Dallas Howard


Claire is the park operations manager of Jurassic World. She is not unafraid, but one of the bravest characters in the sight of danger. If you have yet to see Jurassic World, note when she wears heels.

The trailers have not revealed too much about her character, and thus I won’t go into details, but I love how brave she is when she needs to be.

#9 – Timothy Murphy – Jurassic Park; The Lost World – Played by Joseph Mazzello


The grandson of John Hammond is a bright young boy who loves dinosaurs and is mesmerized by Dr. Alan Grant. His character is the youngest one in the original film, even though he is probably one of the characters with most knowledge about dinosaurs in the entire franchise.

Tim is definitely my favorite young character in the entire franchise, and also a character that changes Dr. Alan Grant into a more kid-friendly individual.

#8 – Robert Muldoon – Jurassic Park – Played by Bob Peck


Muldoon is a very smart character, who probably has one of the most famous scenes in the entire franchise. His “Clever girl”-line is instantly recognizable, but he is much more than just a throwaway character. Muldoon is a serious, respectable individual, and a contrast to John Hammond.

#7 – Owen Grady – Jurassic World – Played by Chris Pratt


The trailers paint Owen Grady as a velociraptor-trainer, and I guess that’s a good way to look at him. Even though Chris Pratt plays him this is not just a Star-Lord clone. Grady is a strong character – and resembles Indiana Jones quite a lot. He is a perfect mixture of Ian Malcolm and Robert Muldoon.

#6 – Dennis Nedry – Jurassic Park – Played by Wayne Knight


“Ah-ah-ah you didn’t say the magic word!” – Nedry is the main antagonist from the first film, and the one guy no one would really hire – Nedry is full of himself.

But Nedry is a great character, and his story has a nice ending, in which we finally cheer for someone to… uhm… die at the hands of a dinosaur.

#5 – Dr. Ellen Sattler – Jurassic Park; Jurassic Park III – Played by Laura Dern


Though I wish she had more to do in the Jurassic Park-franchise, Sattler is a great character. We mostly remember her from the first film, or book, and her story is greatly intertwined with Dr. Alan Grant’s. In fact, in the film, they seem like a couple.

I believe that’s different in the book, but perhaps she isn’t as important in the book. Laura Dern is the unsung hero of the first film, and one of the greatest characters in the Jurassic Park-franchise.

#4 – Lowery Cruthers – Jurassic World – Played by Jake Johnson


Lowery is a Jurassic Park-fan, and his desk is as messy as Nedry’s. Thankfully, this isn’t just a slim version of Nedry. Lowery Cruthers is the best character in Jurassic World.

This tech-savvy park overseer is not extremely important in the film, but he is the comic relief. I won’t say anymore, just in case you haven’t seen the film, but he’s great.

#3 – Dr. Alan Grant – Jurassic Park; Jurassic Park III – Played by Sam Neill


If you thought that the guy who made us all want to be paleontologists wasn’t in the top three, then you’re crazy. Brought in by Hammond, Grant was to endorse the park – but obviously did not – and his story is so rich in the original film.

The introverted Dr. Alan Grant doesn’t like kids, and throughout the film he is put in various situations in which he has to act as a guardian. Though I’m not crazy about the third film, he is easily the best part of it.

#2 – John Hammond – Jurassic Park; The Lost World – Played by Richard Attenborough


The late Right Honourable Lord Richard Attenborough plays my second favorite character in the Jurassic Park-franchise. In the original film, Hammond has this infectious warmth to him – and he is extremely optimistic. The sense of wonder he brings to the original film is amazing.

#1 – Dr. Ian Malcolm – Jurassic Park; The Lost World – Played by Jeff Goldblum


You knew this was coming up, didn’t you? Not only is he the most entertaining character in the franchise, he is my favorite in it. Everyone remembers his laugh, ‘chaos theory’, and ‘life finds a way’ – this guy is iconic.

Jeff Goldblum is Ian Malcolm, and Ian Malcolm is Jeff Goldblum – pop culture loves Ian, and I do as well.

Who’s your favorite Jurassic-character? Sound off in the comments!

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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