REVIEW: Entourage (2015)

Warner Bros. Pictures poster for Entourage (2015)

The following is a spoiler-free review of Entourage (Movie)

The original HBO show was a guilty pleasure of mine. Naturally, I was interested in seeing the gang back together. I was worried, however, that this would just ruin the ending of the show that I really enjoyed. Sadly, that is what it did.

The film follows movie star Vince Chase (played by Adrian Grenier), and his entourage, as they try to secure more money for Chase’s directorial debut. The film has a number of subplots and they all, disappointingly, retread the same ground that we could have seen on the show. Nothing but the cameos have been upgraded – and that is a shame.

I really wanted to like this feature film version of my guilty pleasure show. But, to be honest, this never felt like a film. Instead, from beginning to end, it felt like 3 or 4 episodes of the show being edited to match the length of a feature film. They should’ve just made a final season of 6 to 8 episodes, which would have been much better than this.

One of the biggest mistakes this film made is how they changed Eric “E” Murphy’s story. The show fixed this character’s story in the final episode, yet for some reason they chose to undo what the final episode of the show had done. I won’t go into further detail, but E, one of the best characters of the show, was extremely poorly handled in the film.

The trailers also hint at a fairly big Ronda Rousey-subplot, and it saddens me to say that the size of the subplot is extremely underwhelming. The best thing I can say about this subplot is that Ronda Rousey is much better in this film than she was in Furious 7.

My favorite thing about the final season of Entourage was how they ended it all. How Vince’s, E’s, Turtle’s, Drama’s, and Ari’s stories ended. Now, the thing I disliked the most about the film was how it ended. It was just too easy of an ending. If anything, they only ended Sloan’s story well.

If I were to praise one aspect of the film, it would be Jeremy Piven’s performance. Piven was back as Ari, and he was as good as he’s ever been in the show – the best performance in the film, by far.

Now, this film doesn’t hurt the legacy of the show – but it simply shows us that not every single show needs to go on the big screen. They had already finished the Entourage-story, for some reason they don’t seem to have understood that.

Final Score: 5.9 out of 10Entourage is back for one more attempt at glory, yet it fails to succeed as a feature film.

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