Detective Comics Saturday #4 – The Next Joker

Detective Comics Saturday
For the uninitiated: This is a new weekly feature on the blog wherein I, I’m Jeffrey Rex, discuss all things DC. This is a test-run, however. Meaning that if this goes well, it’ll be a permanent fixture on I’m Jeffrey Rex in 2015, like Marvelous Monday is right now.

A couple of days ago I decided to jot down my thoughts on the casting of the new Joker, as well as talk about which actors I really wanted for the role. I’d like to preface this discussion by stating that Jared Leto was one of the actors I’d like for the role, but I never thought he’d do it, seeing as he loves touring with his band. So here’s the thing. Jared Leto should be a great Joker – why? Well, if you want someone to transform himself for the role – then you’ve found your guy. Requiem For a Dream, Chapter 27, Dallas Buyers Club. This man lives and breathes these roles. He is going to rock as the Joker. No joke.

But, in starting my little discussion of actors I eyed for the role – I’ve got to mention Ethan Hawke. Knowing that Ben Affleck was playing Bruce Wayne, I felt that they needed someone that didn’t look too young – and someone who could hold his own in scenes with Affleck. Ethan Hawke would’ve been perfect, like he would’ve probably been as Dr Strange.

Also, I love Andy Serkis – and seeing him go from Gollum to Caesar t0 live-action acting in The Prestige convinces me of the idea that Serkis could be an amazing Joker. The voices he could do, I mean, he should be able to have a wacky laugh, or something, in his repertoire.

Another thought that I had was that they should cast Ben’s brother as the Joker – yeah, that’s a wacky idea. Casey Affleck doesn’t have the greatest acting résumé (but I like him), so I wasn’t extremely high on this particular idea – though they should cast him as the Riddler…

Finally, I had two odd ideas. What if they took a former Batman, and made him his antagonist in the shared universe? Think about it. Christian Bale as the Joker opposing Affleck’s Wayne? That’d be awesome. Though after having seen Birdman, I think Michael Keaton might be a lot more interesting as an old Joker.

Who did you want to have as the new Joker? Are you happy with Jared Leto? Sound off in the comments

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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