Marvelous Monday #1 – Casting Carol Danvers

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday #1
Hey there! Recently, I was looking for some sort of New Year’s Resolution for the blog – a true commitment – something that mattered, and something that was important. I’ve decided to launch I’m Jeffrey Rex’ Marvelous Monday, which is a new feature to the website/blog, a weekly post about Marvel.

One week I may write about a recently released comic book from Marvel Comics, the next I may write about the state of Marvel Entertainment – and thereafter I may write about Marvel Studios (or another studio with rights to a Marvel Comics character). This does not mean that I won’t ‘break’ Marvel news on other weekdays, but every Monday will give me an opportunity to speculate about all things Marvel. The subject of the first Marvelous Monday ever is ‘Casting Carol Danvers’. I’ve mentioned, in previous posts on casting possibilities, that I wanted Joaquin Phoenix as Dr Strange and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther – thank God, I got one of them right. In talking about casting Captain Marvel we need someone who’s a famous face (to sell tickets), someone who’s ready to sign a possible 8-movie contract, and someone who can fill the boots of Carol Danvers.

Katee Sackhoff – The Fan Favorite

For as long as I remember reading about Captain Marvel on the big screen, I’ve heard people champion the possibility of casting Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers. Obviously, she’s extremely popular – definitely best known for her role on Battlestar Galactica. Sackhoff will be 38 when the movie releases, which is fine in a universe where we have Robert Downey Jr. as the face of the Avengers, but we meet the same problem that we have with Downey. Does she want to sign for multiple films?

Obviously, she’s going to make a lot of money by playing Danvers – and her star would rise – but that might be 2 Captain Marvel films, and 2 Avengers films from 2018 to 2026. Ultimately that’s the question I ask, does she want to do that? And, honestly, with Katee Sackhoff I don’t think that’d be a huge problem. I mean no offense by this, but RDJ’s star is much bigger than Sackhoff’s – and that might help Marvel reel-in an actress for a huge contract. This is her big opportunity – now she can become a mainstream actress.

Emily Blunt – The Safe Casting Choice

Now, Emily Blunt is a huge star – in my humble opinion – and she would be able to headline a solo-film. However, I doubt that she’d be willing to sign for 5-8 films. If, however, she did sign that contract – then I am absolutely sure she would be a success.

This would be a homerun-casting choice. And I will say this – I never thought Benedict Cumberbatch would sign a Marvel deal – but he did. Anything’s possible when Marvel‘s behind the film, apparently.

Yvonne Strahovski – My Captain Marvel

Like Sackhoff, I think Strahovski is an actress that could gain a lot of media attention by signing a huge deal. Honestly, though, this is my Captain Marvel – this means that this is the fanboy within me speaking. I was a big fan of Chuck, and she was absolutely amazing in that show.

Strahovski isn’t as big of a star as Blunt – but she wouldn’t be completely unrecognizable. Strahovski has appeared in 24: Live Another Day, Chuck, Dexter, and, of course, voiced Miranda Lawson in the Mass Effect game-series. She would be the second Australian to be cast in a solo Marvel film, without huge media attention preceding it (the first one being Chris Hemsworth.).

Marvel’s Captain Marvel is to be released on the 18th of July 2018.

That’s it for the first ever Marvelous Monday by I’m Jeffrey Rex. Have a Marvelous Monday.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex.

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