1st I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards – 2013

I'm Jeffrey Rex Awards

The first I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards features 17 categories.

Playstation 3 Game of The Year 2013

Be careful, Joel!

Not really a surprise, if you ask me, it was by far the most interesting game on the console for years. Now, it was not the biggest game on the console, but certainly the best due to a perfect mix of story, gameplay and voice acting. The one Playstation exclusive that can sell consoles on its own.

Playstation 4 Game of The Year 2013

IGN’s Colin Moriarty had spoken highly of RESOGUN for a long time, and frankly it was not a game I had high hopes for… Then I played it. The game is amazingly addictive in its style and gameplay. In ones quest to rescue humans, one must also navigate through danger constantly at a high pace. You choose between 3 rather different ships and then – poof – you should be hooked a few minutes later.

Playstation Vita Game of The Year 2013

Old Guy, yes. Mexican Wrestler, yes. Supernatural Enemies, yes.

I really enjoyed Tearaway’s imaginative use of the Vita, but as an overall game I rate Guacamelee! much higher than the aforementioned Vita ‘exclusive’. It feels classical and is very fun – easily a game you can use a ton of hours on. Only one thing I disliked was that there is no voice-acting.

PC/MAC Game of The Year 2013

Not Everything Is As It Seems

The best advice I could give regarding Gone Home is to stay away from in-depth reviews. You must go into this game unspoiled, only then will it draw you in with its story and its gameplay. It would be a shame to reveal anything massive, but I will say that this was the most surprising title of the year for me, amazing story.

Overall Game of The Year 2013

Not Tomb Raider. Not Lara Croft.

Easy – The Last of Us. The game has everything you want, it has a magnificent story, and on top of that its gameplay is masterful. It is the story that does take it to the top, as you follow a grown man and a little girl, in a style similar to The Road, through America with one mission, which I will not mention. It is, by far, my favorite game ever, it is my Game of The Year for 2013.

Movie of The Year 2013

“In space, no one can hear you scream” #ClichéKing

This movie was great. The thing about it was that it worked on several levels. On one level it is an entertaining movie set in space with a great cast – but it is not just that, as we discover on the higher levels. Spoilers follow: I like the theory that the setting works as an analogy for battling with personal disasters. The thought of being alone with ones problems, no one can hear you scream – it is up to you to soldier on.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Cinematic Experience 2013

*Must not call his performace touching*

Mads Mikkelsen thrives in his performance as a, perhaps, wronged man in Jagten/The Hunt. It is important to note that this story is very ‘local’, and that it is in Danish – you know, the language they don’t really speak in Hamlet. I would recommend this movie to everyone, for Mads Mikkelsen’s performance elevates it, and makes it, perhaps, the best Danish movie ever made.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Cinematic Experience 2013

Not “The Blind Side”

Sandra Bullock delivered a pleasantly surprising performance in the movie, Gravity. The one thing I feared in this Cuarón-movie was that Clooney and Bullock were too big for the story – that was not the case. Bullock manages to, perhaps, have her best performance to date as an astronaut struck with fear. Academy Award nomination should be certain.

Best Performance in Directing a Cinematic Experience 2013

Alfonso Cuarón with a masterpiece.

Gravity is beautiful – and his lengthened shot of space is simply amazing. Cuarón’s directorial performance moved me to a great length, and he deserves recognition.

Television Show of The Year 2013

Well, it’s better than Belize. Don’t worry Belizeans, it’s a TV reference.

This show was epic, it was mind-blowing, it is over. Honestly, I don’t think any show will ever topple this show, it truly is the Greatest TV Show of all time.

Best Peformance by an Actor in a Television Show 2013


I simply cannot decide. Bryan Cranston was scary on Breaking Bad, but so was Kevin Spacey. Cranston was more scary than Spacey, but Spacey was impeccably smart and cunning as Underwood. I simply could not make a choice this year, forgive me. Update.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Show 2013

Robin Wright, House of Cards

This was a tough one, but in the end I chose the woman that surprised me the most. Some say that Wright’s character is even smarter than Spacey’s character, now, I don’t agree, but it shows you the level of which she is regarded.

Song of The Year 2013

Surprised me when this song came along.

This song won for its emotion, which was unparalleled this year, I believe. Holy Grail is a good song, but the pain you hear from Marshall Mathers coupled with Nate Ruess’ perfect chorus hit me hard – it is the most memorable song of the year for me.

Chelsea FC Player of The Year 2013

Made us forget about one specific Spanish winger.

Juan Mata was the star during the first half of the year, Frank Lampard was amazing yet inconsistent and Eden Hazard was the star during the second half of the year. Eden Hazard wins because he never had a true poor couple of games this year. He grew a lot professionally as the year went on, and today he stands as the star of Chelsea Football Club.

Chicago Bears Player of The Year 2013

The Orange Lantern? Nah… We need to find a nickname though.

Alshon proved to be the missing link in our passing offense. He singlehandedly brought us close to the NFC North title. Withou Alshon, Josh McCown would not have won like he did. A star in the making.

FC Copenhagen Player of The Year 2013

A fighter through and through

Youth product Thomas Delaney, from Denmark, turned into a fighter, a starter and a future captain with his performances this year. You never found a guy more willing to do it all in Copenhagen than Delaney. Hopefully, he doesn’t leave us yet.

Overall Performance of The Year 2013

Worth the wait.

Truly a 10/10. Read the picture’s end quote: “Gaming’s Citizen Kane moment – a masterpiece”… That says it. This game is everything you could hope for in a game, and should stand as the best game on a Playstation to date. I got excited for this game when it was announced, and when it finally was released it delivered. A masterpiece – that says it.

Do note: This year’s film nominees only feature 2013 films that have been released in Denmark in 2013, and therefore films like the following 2013 films (which release in 2014 in Denmark) will not be considered eligible for these awards this year or any year:

  • Spike Jonze’s Her.
  • Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave.
  • Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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