REVIEW: 21 & Over (2013)

  • Directed by: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore
  • Written by: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

I remember when I first watched the trailer for this movie. I felt that it had potential, and I was really excited to see the writers of the original The Hangover-movie tackle something focused more on the younger audience. My focus group, I guess. Unfortunately, this movie did absolutely nothing for me. 21 & Over stars Miles Teller, Skylar Astin & Justin Chon as three best friends, on Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday, played by Justin Chon. Initially, I thought this movie might work well – I did somewhat like Teller and Astin as old friends, but their association with Chon’s Chang did not seem real enough.

It didn’t help that the friendship roles perfectly dealt in The Hangover, had been mixed together into these three guys. Skylar Astin’s character was a mixture of Justin Bartha’s Doug and Ed Helms’ Stu. Teller felt like an odd mixture of Bradley Cooper’s Phil and the Stifler-character from the original American Pie-movies. The drunk actions of Jeff Chang made him seem like a mixture of Ken Jeong’s Mr Chow and Zach Galifianakis’ Alan. With that being said, Jeff Chang did seem like a fine character when Justin Chon didn’t try to act drunk. I really like Sarah Wright, who played Nicole, and Francois Chau, who played Dr Chang, and I would’ve liked to see them in more scenes.

Overall, I felt that this movie tried to be like The Hangover too much, and 4 good acting performances were not enough to make me care for the overall plot. I really wanted to like this movie, sadly I did not.

Final Grade: 5.5 out of 10.0. Mediocre movie, too convenient ending.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

Ideas 2014

I have been thinking about some possible blogposts for the next couple of weeks and going forward. As of right now, I would like to blog about my Chicago Bears in length. I am also seriously considering blogging about my #365Films New Year’s Resolution, perhaps posting a sample review each month of the movies seen.

I also need to update my section on important projects I have done. This past year I worked on some Shakespeare, American Imperialism etc. at the University of Copenhagen. I have been informed that I will be reading both American and English Literature next semester, I am very much looking forward to that.

That’s all for now,
– I’m Jeffrey Rex




A Status Update

Welcome to 2014 – MMXIV in Roman numerals – a year where things will change and I will probably only be posting few updates, sadly.

“I’m going through changes”:

  • 31st of December 2013 marked the first time in a long time that I did not post a New Year’s Speech.
  • Moving on I expect little or no mentioning of the Tour de France. I simply feel like it would be stupid for me to dedicate a lot of time on the blog to that subject, seeing as it is only my Fifth favorite sport.
  • Expect a prediction for the 2014/2015 NFL season to feature this year, I love the NFL, and hopefully I’ll be better than I was at predicting this year. I mean… I predicted that the Ravens would go to the Super Bowl in the 2012/2013 season…
  • Expect more posts simply about my Chicago Bears.
  • My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to watch 365 movies in 365 days, expect posts about the movies I’ve seen this year.
  • My Game of the Year for 2013 was The Last of Us, best game I have ever played.

So that was that. My second semester at the University of Copenhagen begins this february, if you were wondering.

Don’t we all… Don’t we all…

Catch you later!
– I’m Jeffrey Rex