REVIEW: Midnight Special (2016)

Film Poster - Warner Bros.
Film Poster – Warner Bros.

The following is a review of Jeff Nichols’s Midnight Special.

Jeff Nichols is one of the most promising young directors out there. His first feature film – Shotgun Stories – was an excellent low-budget revenge tale about brotherhood. His two other films – Take Shelter & Mud – are very impressive too, and they clearly show that Nichols is a very talented filmmaker.

With Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols has made his first film in the science-fiction genre, and it’s a film I’ve been very excited about for a long time. This was Nichols’s chance to make a film that would really get his name out there, but here’s the problem: it isn’t as good as it should have been. Continue reading “REVIEW: Midnight Special (2016)”

RETRO REVIEW: Shotgun Stories (2007)

Theatrical Release Poster - Multicom Entertainment Group
Theatrical Release Poster – Multicom Entertainment Group

The following is a retro review of Shotgun Stories, a Jeff Nichols film.

Writer-director Jeff Nichols, who is about to have his breakthrough in 2016 with two major motion pictures (‘Midnight Special’ & ‘Loving’), has quietly been making a name for himself. 2011’s Take Shelter was very impressive, and his 2013-film, Mud, was one of the very best films of that year, in my opinion. But for today’s retro review, I’m looking back at his feature film debut: Shotgun Stories from 2007.
Continue reading “RETRO REVIEW: Shotgun Stories (2007)”

REVIEW: Mud (2013)

Lionsgate poster for ‘Mud’.

*I attribute it to 2013 due to the fact that it was only released at festivals in 2012 – and had a wide release in its country of production in 2013.

2012 was the beginning of Matthew McConaughey’s rise back to stardom. Since 2012 he has been considered a big star yet again with great performances in Magic Mike, Dallas Buyers Club, True Detective – and, yes, Mud. Even though Mud is probably the least known of his performances, it might just be one of his strongest. Continue reading “REVIEW: Mud (2013)”