REVIEW: Fifty Shades of Black (2016)

Theatrical Release Poster - Open Road Films
Theatrical Release Poster – Open Road Films

The following is a quick review of Fifty Shades of Black – directed by Michael Tiddes.

Fifty Shades of Black follows Hannah Steale (played by Kali Hawk), a college student, who has been sent to interview the wealthy Christian Black (played by Marlon Wayans). They eventually fall for each other, but it turns out that he’s not the guy she thought he was. So, yeah, this is a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I really disliked Fifty Shades of Grey. I thought that was one of the worst films of that year. That said, that doesn’t really mean that I don’t think it should be parodied. I think that kind of film deserves the parody treatment. I also tend to enjoy some parodies. For example, I think some of the first Scary Movie films are hilarious.

But this film doesn’t come close to being as memorable as most of those films. Fifty Shades of Black is directed by Michael Tiddes, who also made Marlon Wayans’ two recent horror parodies the A Haunted House films. I didn’t manage to watch either of those films when they were released, and if they were as unfunny as I found Fifty Shades of Black to be, then I’m glad I missed them.

It’s not that I don’t like Marlon Wayans. I thought he was solid in Requiem for a Dream, and I even like White Chicks a lot more than most people do. The problem with these films isn’t that they always have to be better than the main film they’re spoofing. It’s not like the first Scary Movie film is better than Scream.

But when you’re primarily spoofing a film that is as bad as Fifty Shades of Grey was, then your film has to be, at the very least, as entertaining as the original film. And to be honest with you, I’d rather rewatch Fifty Shades of Grey a handful of times than rewatch this unfunny attempt at exploiting the popularity of the E. L. James books once. It’s because of movies like Fifty Shades of Black that spoof films aren’t popular anymore.

1 out of 10

– Jeffrey Rex

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