Rogue One Predictions – Dagobah Day #21

Dagobah Day - 2016

Last September, Dagobah Day focused on four predictions I had for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Two of my four predictions look pretty good today and – technically – the last two could still be true if they explain more about Snoke and Poe in the future.

I’m not caught up on the Poe Dameron comic book, so that may have actually debunked my theory. Today, I want to try to speculate and make some predictions about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘s plot.

  • Who gets out alive?: at least, four of the following seven characters won’t make it out of Rogue One alive: Cassian Andor, Orson Krennic, Galen Erso, Bodhi Rook, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Saw Gerrera.
  • No Episode 8 Reveals: I know that some people think we will see Snoke in the film, or maybe get a reveal of who he is – or who he worked with. I doubt it. I highly doubt it. We won’t hear who Rey’s parents are either, which I think is obvious.
  • At most, we’re getting fifteen minutes of Vader: Although Vader will probably be a pretty significant part of the marketing in the last couple of months before the film’s release, I doubt that Vader will be in the film for more than 15 minutes at most.
  • Opening Crawl: Even though I think it is the wrong decision to make, I don’t think we will get an opening crawl for Rogue One. For more on my opening crawl thoughts, go here.
  • The End is the Beginning of Another Story: You know how A New Hope opens with Leia’s ship being captured by the Empire, right? I think Rogue One will end with the beginning of A New Hope, or, at the very least, very close to the beginning of A New Hope.

That’s all I’ve got at this point in time, and I’ll probably be wrong about everything – but who knows? What do you think will happen in Rogue One? Sound off in the comments

– Jeffrey Rex

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