REVIEW: The Night Of – “A Dark Crate”

The Night Of Reviewed

The following is a quick spoiler review of the third episode of the HBO Limited Series “The Night Of.”

In the third episode of The Night Of (“A Dark Crate”), Naz (played by Riz Ahmed) meets the prison inmates at Rikers Island, including Freddy (played by Michael K. Williams), and Stone (played by John Turturro) negotiates a deal with Naz’s parents.

“Sorry, you’re not gonna get rich off of this one.”

In last week’s review, Stone’s intentions were questioned. Stone is a good guy, but he is still doing everything for himself. Stone is desperate for that big case, and the scene where he keeps on dropping his asking price in front of the Khans… He reeks of desperation, and Salim Khan smells it.

For the Khans, Alison Crowe is a godsend. She seems very different from Stone, and her offer sounds better to them. But here’s the thing. Who is she to Nasir? No one. She didn’t show up during visiting hours to guide Nasir. Stone did, even though the Khans hadn’t agreed to sign his offer. Turturro also did a really strong job in this episode, and, no, I’m not talking about the eczema support group. Seeing him realize he had been dropped by the Khans was awful. Stone was heartbroken.

Okay, finally, let’s talk about Rikers Island. Every scene in the prison was really just terrifying. Seeing Nasir’s mother going through security was also just awful to watch. The Khans are really in a bad situation, and Naz is out of his depth. He’s losing the only guy in the system who ‘kind of’ cared for him.

He’s getting a lawyer he’s never met, and he just met the mysterious ‘Freddy’. Kudos to Michael K. Williams, by the way, he is absolutely terrifying in his big scene with Nasir. Nasir may be innocent, but he is being screwed over by the system, and the prison system isn’t going to be better for him. How could he get out of this?

Oh and would you like a last minute thought? I feel like the cat’s gonna be important. Okay, maybe not. The cat is probably just a symbol, even if I want the cat to be the missing piece of the case. Anyway, I wanted to get that note in there because this will be the final written episode review of the limited series. I may write a full series review when it’s over, so if you want more of my thoughts on cats, lawyers, and eczema, then check out that review!


– Jeffrey Rex

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