68th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominees! – Testing Television #4

Testing Television - Breaking Bad

In this edition of Testing Television, I take a look at the major Emmy nominee snubs and surprises. Later, I highly recommend the magnificent AMC crime-drama, new-classic Breaking Bad. But first, here are the television news that you have to know about!

  • Marvel News: Okay, so at San Diego Comic-Con we got a lot of news, teasers, and a sizzle reel. I’ll be discussing the Marvel movie and television news from SDCC on the next Marvelous Monday (August 8th).
  • Emmys: The topic of this month’s Testing Television is Emmy snubs and surprises, but if you want a complete list of nominees, then here you go.
  • More Preacher: Earlier this month, we got the news that AMC’s Preacher is getting a second season! Also, the second season will be longer than the first.
  • Star Trek + Netflix: Okay, so this is really exciting for people outside of North America. Earlier this month, Netflix and CBS announced that the Bryan Fuller Star Trek-series will be exclusive to Netflix outside of North America. Also, Netflix will, by the end of 2016, have every episode of every previously released Star Trek-series available around the world.
  • Game of Thrones: Season Seven: Finally, HBO have confirmed that Game of Thrones will return during the Summer of 2017 and, sadly, we’ll only get seven episodes in that season. I’m sure it’ll be great.

Topic Talk Testing Television

  • 68th Primetime Emmy Awards: Snubs and Surprises

I have to admit that I was pretty happy with this year’s nominees. My one big note, however, was that I once again feel like Better Call Saul won’t get the recognition it deserves. Odenkirk and Banks are nominated yet again, but Odenkirk is in the toughest category of the year – in my opinion. He’s going to have a tough time taking the award away from Rami Malek.

I guess Jonathan Banks could get the win in his category, and he probably should. I do think Jon Voight is his biggest rival in that category. I was somewhat surprised to see that Christian Slater wasn’t nominated for his role on Mr Robot. Other surprises? Well, while I loved this season of Game of Thrones, I do think that five acting nominations is way too much.

And here’s the biggest snub, if you ask me. Where the hell is Rhea Seehorn? Seehorn gave the best performance on the second season of Better Call Saul. The best performance. I don’t see how she doesn’t deserve a nomination in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category. And I definitely don’t see how Game of Thrones needed three (!!!) nominees in that category.

Testing Television Spotlight

  • Title: Breaking Bad – Created by: Vince Gilligan – Length: 5 seasons (2008-2013) – Network: AMC.

Speaking of the Emmys. Today I want to highlight one of the biggest Emmy darlings in the most recent years: Breaking Bad. It features maybe the best television performance ever by a leading man in a drama series: Bryan Cranston as Walter White. Cranston ended up winning four (!!!) Emmys for that performance.

I would probably say that the show itself is way more addicting than the crystal meth Walter White cooks up on the show ever could be (and I’d probably be wrong, who knows). Breaking Bad is widely regarded as the best television show of all-time, and that may be true – but it is for sure one of the best drama series of all-time. Of that there can be no doubt. You may prefer The Wire or Sopranos, but Breaking Bad is my drama series ‘drug’.

– Jeffrey Rex

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