REVIEW: The Night Of – “Subtle Beast”

The Night Of Reviewed

The following is a quick spoiler review of the second episode of the HBO Limited Series “The Night Of.”

In the second episode of The Night Of (“Subtle Beast”), Naz (played by Riz Ahmed) struggles with his new surroundings and realizes he has no one to truly trust. No one truly cares about our Naz. Detective Box (played by Bill Camp) and Jack Stone (played by John Turturro) represent both sides of the system, and Naz is, sadly, being used by both of those sides.

“I wanna tell you something and it’s the most important thing that you’ll ever hear in your entire life. So don’t not hear it. Shut it! They come up with their story. We come up with ours. The jury gets to decide which they like best. Now the good news is we get to hear what their story is first, before we have to tell them ours. So we keep our mouths shut until we know what they’re doing.” – Jack Stone.

This is a process for Jack Stone. Make his client shut up, and then he’ll be ready to clear up his mess, or, at the very least, get to headline a big case. Stone was just ‘there at the right time,’ and even though Naz should appreciate his presence, Jack Stone’s actions are more self-serving than they once seemed.

The first episode gave us a pretty good look at Detective Box, who is described as a ‘subtle beast’ by Jack Stone, and he continues to use the system perfectly. He uses every trick in the book to get Naz to mess up. His good guy attitude is just a front to conceal his inquisitive nature. If anyone thought he was going to be the hero of this story, from Naz’s point of view, then this episode definitely confirmed that he is far from being that.

The ‘whodunnit’ of it all is still very much present, and Naz may be the murderer, but this episode focused more on making us feel bad for Naz again. Detective Box sure isn’t straightforward, and you can still question if the opportunistic Jack Stone just is a vulture. Right now, Naz has no one to trust, and almost all signs point to him being the killer. Naz needs a helping hand. Badly.


– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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