Marvelous Monday #47 – Looking Back On 2015

Marvelous Monday 2016

Marvelous Monday in 2016 posts once a month, on the second Monday of the month.

It’s been a long year with Marvelous Monday releasing almost every Monday in 2015. Today I look back at the most popular Marvelous Monday, and assess the superhero movie year for Fox and Disney.

Most Popular Marvelous Monday of 2015:
Marvelous Monday #1 – Casting Carol Danvers


It’s been almost a full year since the first Marvelous Monday, and my post on possible casting choices for Carol Danvers is still the most popular Marvelous Monday post. Can’t say that I’m surprised, she is a popular character, and we’re still desperately waiting for any real casting news for this film.

Back then I listed Katee Sackhoff, Emily Blunt, and Yvonne Strahovski as my three favorite candidates. Rebecca Ferguson’s name has been mentioned, but I do still think Blunt is the frontrunner, even if I want Strahovski for the part.

2015 for Superhero Films:
Good but not great.


What will people remember about superhero films in 2015? The 2016 movie trailers might’ve been better received than the films of 2015. Fant4stic was a disaster on every front, and has probably killed most interest in another Fantastic Four-movie. Fox should stick to doing X-Men, which they have a good track record with, and now Deadpool, which looks amazing.

Avengers: Age of Ultron was really good, but suffered a lot of backlash due to an overanalyzed scene with Black Widow and Bruce Banner, Joss Whedon’s exit, and comparisons to the greatest superhero movie event of all-time – the original Avengers. People were surprised by Ant-Man, not because it was one of the best Marvel films ever, but because it wasn’t bad. I liked it, and most people did – but no one was blown away by it.

But it wasn’t all mediocre for Marvel Studios. People did connect with Ant-Man, people are not tired of the Avengers – therefore we will see a sequel to Paul Rudd’s superhero flick, and people responded to the trailer for Civil War, which seems to be the culmination of everything earthbound that Marvel Studios has set up with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

2016 should be a huge step up for Marvel movies and superhero films in general, as we have a record number of superhero films released (I still fear that the number of films may be a problem, but we’ll have to wait and see), including universe-changing films like X-Men Apocalypse, Civil War, and Doctor Strange. 2012 (Avengers) and 2014 (Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier) are probably still the best years for Marvel Studios, but 2015 definitely wasn’t bad.

Marvelous Monday will return on the 8th of February.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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