Marvelous Monday #43 – You Should Be Excited For Jessica Jones

Da Marvelous Monday

On Friday the 20th of November 2015 (more than seven months after Marvel’s Daredevil was released on Netflix) Netflix releases its second of four superhero shows preceding a The Defenders mini-series. Marvel Studios’ first female-led superhero property will be Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and I’m really excited about it.

Now, I’m not super familiar with Jessica Jones. Don’t get me wrong, I know of her – but I’ve never read any comic book with her name on it. Still, I’m excited to see something completely new from Marvel. People don’t know about Jessica Jones, whereas they definitely had heard of Daredevil. This show will rely solely on the brand names behind it – Netflix and Marvel. But I’m really excited to see the show, and let’s pinpoint three reasons why.

#1 – Female Hero

This one is pretty obvious. How many Marvel superheroines do we have right now? Essentially two. Scarlet Witch and Black Widow – neither of which have their own film or show. We need women in these universes, which is why I am elated that Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are coming in the universes of Marvel and DC respectively.

#2 – It’s All Connected

Daredevil and Jessica Jones exist in the same universe, and the Marvel Studios movies technically do as well. We are going to see events from Daredevil spin into the other shows, and we already know that Luke Cage will appear in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, before making his debut as the titular character in his own Netflix show.

#3 – The Trailer

Now, I already revealed that I know very little about Jessica Jones, and the same goes for her villains. This trailer basically reveals a villain that essentially wields the Jedi Mind Trick – this is freaking creepy. Also, before you google what song is in the trailer, here you go: “Thousand Eyes”, by Of Monsters and Men.

Are you going to watch Jessica Jones on Netflix? Sound off in the comments!

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